President Trump endorses $30 Tabs!

by | Oct 3, 2019

I’ve been traveling all over the state promoting our $30 Tabs Initiative I-976 and getting signatures for our Term Limits on Taxes Initiative I-1082 (#Round2).

It’s been a blast.

I was born and raised Yakima so it’s very special for me to visit my hometown. I’m super proud to be a Yakimaniac. Here’s some pics from the Central WA State Fair (notice all the $30 tabs stickers).

There’s no way you’ll ever meet nicer, friendlier people.


Watch this super short video (it’s pretty clear I love this stuff):

The Yakima Republican Party worked their tails off last year getting signatures for our $30 Tabs Initiative (here’s the afternoon crew): 

And they are 1000% supportive of our Term Limits on Taxes Initiative I-1082. They’re getting tons of sigs at the booth
(here’s the evening crew).

After 6 hours of conversation, signature collection, chest-sticker distribution, and lots of handshakes & hugs, we got a big surprise.

President Trump stopped by the booth and endorsed $30 Tabs!
This is YUGE!    


Nobody says this stuff can’t be fun.