by | Jul 15, 2020

I firmly believe I will win the August 4th primary and be the candidate chosen by the voters to challenge Jay Inslee in the fall campaign.

I’m confident of that.

And I’m also confident that Anton Sakharov, Joshua Freed, Loren Culp, Phil Fortunato, and Raul Garcia think I’m wrong and that voters will choose one of them instead.

So let’s take advantage of everyone’s self-confidence in the outcome of the primary by COMMITTING RIGHT NOW TO HAVING ALL OF US AND ALL OUR SUPPORTERS HAVING ONE ELECTION NIGHT CELEBRATION AT THE SAME LOCATION.

Think about it: this ensures immediate unity so we can beat Inslee!! That must be our priority. It has always been my priority.

Whoever is chosen to challenge Inslee will want to get the help and support of the other candidates and their supporters.

Here’s a way to get that done IMMEDIATELY on election night.

It’ll absolutely terrify Inslee. He’ll piss himself when he sees all the candidates and all their supporters coming together immediately, all unified in their opposition to him.

Imagine the chosen candidate giving an acceptance speech in front of thousands of people — and a huge bank of TV cameras broadcasting statewide — where he praises the others who ran and invites all their supporters to join him in defeating Inslee in November. Imagine the other candidates getting their own time at the microphone where they tell that huge audience that they’re grateful to the voters who backed their campaign, express their disappointment that they weren’t chosen, and reaffirm their commitment to supporting the voters’ choice (all of us signed a form pledging that).

Imagine the chosen candidate asking that huge crowd of : “Show of hands: who’s voting for Jay Inslee in November?” When not a single hand goes up, the crowd will cheer.

It’ll be inspiring, unifying, and historic.

In our first debate, I said “the other guys on this stage aren’t the problem, Jay Inslee’s the problem, I’m going to stay focused on him.”

In a recent debate in Bellingham, I encouraged the other candidates to stop going after one another and to stay focused on Inslee.

As election day approaches, lots of dirt is getting thrown. Lots of harsh things are being said and written. Lots of drama, lots of emotion. It’s happening because folks want “their guy” to win.

I get it.

But on Tuesday, August 4, the voters will choose their champion, the person they want to challenge Jay Inslee. It’s going to be one of us.

And NOT ONE OF US wants to win the primary and lose the general election. That means EVERY ONE OF US owes it to all the people who support us to get the other candidates and their supporters to join together to defeat Inslee in November. Having us getting together and unifying IMMEDIATELY on election night will make that MUCH MORE LIKELY.

I will have my team reach out to Anton, Joshua, Loren, Phil, & Raul and ask them to agree to this.

It’s never been done before but I think it’s a great idea. What do you think? 

TONIGHT, Wed, July 15, 7-9PM: Join me on Facebook Live as I talk about this ONE-LOCATION-CELEBRATION FOR THE GOVERNOR CANDIDATES ON PRIMARY ELECTION NIGHT and answer supporters’ questions (you DO NOT NEED to be on Facebook to watch this – this link works for everyone): (make sure to ‘LIKE’ my Facebook page).

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I make you this promise: support me in this effort and I’ll give you a race for Governor like you’ve never seen before.

I love you all.