Qualifying Initiative 976: it is my mission in life for the next 8 months

It’s a policy goal we’ve pursued for 20 years.

It’s principled and straightforward: guaranteeing that every taxpayer pays just $30 to license their vehicles each year. State and local governments will continue to hit us with a massive sales tax when we buy our vehicles and a massive gas tax when we drive our vehicles. But they won’t get away with a third bite at the apple.

For owning them, we’re gonna pay a flat, fair, and reasonable $30 to register our cars, SUVs, vans, trucks (10,000 pounds or less), motorcycles, motor homes, RVs, and other vehicles.

That little plastic tab won’t cost you $50 or $180 or $500 or $800, or $1500 per year. It’ll only cost you $30.

Voters embraced this principle when they passed our first $30 tabs initiative in 1999. And they embraced it again when they passed our second $30 tabs initiative in 2002.

For about a decade after that, our two initiatives succeeded at keeping vehicle taxes and fees down, saving taxpayers tens of billions of dollars. It’s only been in recent years that they’ve shot back up.

Initiative 976 gets rid of taxes and fees that have been tacked on: vehicle taxes and fees at the state level, vehicle fees at the city level, and dishonest, unfair, artificially inflated vehicle taxes imposed by Sound Transit.

$30 tabs is our ship and vehicle taxes and fees are barnacles that have recently attached themselves to our ship.

Initiative 976 scrapes away those barnacles and brings back our $30 tabs. But it also makes it much harder for new barnacles: the initiative sets everyone’s vehicle tabs at $30 and prohibits any future vehicle taxes and fees unless they are:

1) voter approved
2) based on Kelley Blue Book value

So everyone is gonna pay $30 to register their vehicles. And if politicians try to impose new vehicles charges, they first must ask our permission at the ballot box and they can only tax our vehicles at what they’re actually worth.

That’s fair.

What they’re doing to us now is not fair.

It is my mission in life over the next 8 months to qualify Initiative 976. Yes, I’ll keep doing my best to be a good father to my children and a good husband to my wife, but other than that, this is it for me.

I swear to you: WE’RE GONNA MAKE IT THIS TIME. But it’s gonna require everyone’s help to get it over the finish line.

There’s two reasons we’re ahead of the game:

1) We’ve already hired paid petitioners to supplement our volunteers … and they’re goin’ like gangbusters. Voters are eager to sign petitions to Bring Back Our $30 Tabs. That initial $500,000 is really helping kick-start the signature drive for I-976. We just need to raise that same amount from everyone else so we can get over the finish line this time.

2) We’ve got 8 months to collect the necessary signatures. Last year, we didn’t start until July. We’ve got a major head start this time.

Top 5 Contributors: Suzanne Burke, Puget Sound Chapter NECA PAC, Andrew Skotdal, Tim Eyman, Thomas O’Brien

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© 2020 Permanent Offense