Quiet Victories Are Great Victories – Taxpalooza Tax Bill Quietly Withdrawn From Hearing Agenda

by | Apr 23, 2019

Quiet victories are great victories

Last week’s email update read:  “Join me at 2 historic hearings”

One of them was the Senate Ways & Means committee hearing on Sen. Steve Hobb’s Taxapalooza tax bill. It was scheduled for 9 am last Thursday and I invited all of you to join me at it.

But the day before the hearing, the bill was quietly withdrawn.

Quiet victories are great victories.

His humongous tax bill was packed with 19 tax hikes:

Carbon taxes
Car tab taxes
Sales Taxes
Property taxes
and more, more, more

Under normal circumstances, we wouldn’t need to worry about tax bills like this because this kind of arrogance and insanity wouldn’t normally see the light of day.

But this year, the Democrats have almost super majority control of the House and Senate. They’ve got crazy Jay willing to sign anything into law to help his presidential run. All things crazy are not only possible, but basically a given.

So it’s a huge accomplishment — heck, it’s nothing short of a miracle — to stop anything this session.

It seems Hobbs’ Taxapapalooza tax bill got stopped. Quietly.   

And that’s only because we worked together to fight back. To show up. To call. To email. To testify. To critique. To persist.

Government is the most dangerous when they don’t think we’re lookin’. They’re just waiting for that moment when we don’t show up. Where we don’t fight back. Where we don’t email or call or testify.

The session is scheduled to end this Sunday. Be ready in these final days to fight back.   

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© 2020 Permanent Offense