Regarding raising taxes in Olympia … DON’T DO IT!

by | Dec 9, 2014

Spurred by the overwhelming passage of our tougher-to-raise-taxes Initiative 1185 (it got more votes than any initiative in state history), the state house Republicans and the state senate’s Majority Coalition Caucus held the line and resisted raising taxes in 2013 and 2014.

         Inslee and the Democrats pounded them for it, making it THE ISSUE in legislative races.   

         Last month, the voters chose:  they handsomely rewarded Republicans for their fiscal restraint and their repeated promises not to raise taxes in 2015.  Voters gave them more seats in the state house and expanded their majority in the state senate.

         With such a crushing victory and clear mandate from the electorate, you’d think that taxpayers are safe from higher taxes in 2015.   

          But that’s not how Olympia works.  Elections are the beginning of the fight, not the end. 

          We hired foot soldiers to fight for the taxpayers in Olympia, but they need constant reinforcement.  We all must repeatedly remind them that Washington’s taxpayers are tapped out.  That wages are flat.  That working families are struggling.  

          Voters sent a clear don’t-raise-taxes message.  But you and I must ensure that that message echoes in the hallways of Olympia in January and February and March and April and May and June.           

        The 2015 session in Olympia is gonna be a knock-down, drag-out fight.  

       We’re gearing up for next year — we need your help to succeed.