Report on yesterday’s anti-Inslee protest. Today, Jay buckled from the public embarrassment. So let’s do more of it.

by | Apr 27, 2020

As soon as Jay Inslee unilaterally picked “essential” versus “non-essential” — winners and losers — during his lockdown, it became about power and control.

Politics, not science, determined who was in and who was out.

If your group had given money to him, you were safe. If your group hadn’t given money to him, you were not.

Government construction (in) versus private construction (out).

Boeing (in) versus hairdressers (out).

Wal-Mart (in) versus gun shops (out).

Debt collectors (in) versus restaurant workers (out).

And when regular citizens had the gall to question him, he did all he could to intimidate them and shame them and retaliate against them (think individual businesses like the Tacoma Golf Club or individual sheriffs or individual county commissioners).


But those who defy his stay-at-home orders when they can garner media attention are the only ones getting results.

When Fred Binschus and Tonya Fenton and Trisha Woods spoke out about Inslee releasing thousands of criminals, they saved countless lives.

Now there’s another example.

For weeks, Ben and the other heroic people behind #LetUsFish put together big events with lots of regular citizens and succeeded at getting the media to cover their events.

Yesterday, there was a massive protest @ Gas Works Park on Lake Union in Seattle:

People brought their boats and paraded them into Lake Union with colorful banners:

This 15 second video was seen by 1000’s of people:

Reporters showed up and asked questions:

And they aired stories like this one: “Anglers protest order preventing them from fishing

In their stories yesterday evening, the reporters said they had reached out to the Governor’s office for a comment and were waiting to hear back.

Today it was reported that Inslee was now going to gradually open up fishing.

Was there a scientific study released this morning that showed fishing to be safe?


Jay Inslee realized he was getting hurt politically and so he buckled.

So Jay Inslee didn’t do this to help fishermen, he did it to help himself.

There’s a temptation to count this as a big victory. We should not.

49 other states, including California and Oregon, never shut down fishing. And Jay Inslee isn’t saying fishing will turned back on. His announcement said fishing won’t be turned on like a “light switch”, it’ll be more like “a dial.”

In other words, he will control it. He will “allow it” to be phased in. He will demand conditions. People who fish will be forced to grovel and plead and beg.

Did science drive his decision today or was it all those reporters asking him questions? Was it about helping Washingtonians or helping himself?

So here we have it — laid bare — Washington’s new system of government under Jay Inslee: no public hearings, no legislative process, no legislative votes. Just one person making all decisions behind closed doors with private meetings and private phone calls and no public records access.

This is how it works in the Evergreen State — if you work in an industry or for a business that’s currently closed, you must stage protests and rallies and design colorful signs and get the media listening to you.

Or you gotta give Jay Inslee a bunch of money. Or both.

I’m not just running for governor, I’m running to fix a broken system.

Please do 2 things right now:

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I love you all.