REPORT: The AG’s Case Against Me Fell Apart At Trial — Here’s How Things Went In Court This Week

by | Dec 19, 2020

REPORT: the AG’s case fell apart at trial — here’s how things went in court this week. Please donate to my legal defense fund today so I can survive Democrat AG Bob Ferguson’s persecution of me and my family:

The various attorneys who have represented me over the past 8 years have repeatedly told me:

“Tim, there are Grand Canyon sized holes in the AG’s case against you. If you can make it to trial, we’ll be able to show that.

Bob Ferguson knew that. And that’s why he put together a huge team of lawyers, investigators, and staffers who hit me with an endless stream of motions and depositions and discovery and delays.

His aim was to overwhelm me so:

* I’d never be able to fulfill their mountains of discovery requests
* I’d run out of money so I wouldn’t have a lawyer to defend me
* My friends and supporters would abandon me
* I’d finally give in and give up

But thanks to all of you and your heartfelt prayers and financial support:

* It was brutally difficult and incredibly expensive, but my attorneys finally got through the AG’s avalanche of discovery requests. 
* All the money I raised and earned over my lifetime is gone and I owe my attorneys 100’s of thousands of dollars — BUT I’VE GOT ATTORNEY RICHARD SANDERS FIGHTING FOR ME.
* Friends and supporters saw this injustice and stayed loyal
* I didn’t give up

It’s a miracle we made it to trial.


* Super supporters Suzie Burke, Sid Maietto, Erma Turner, and Larry Jensen were our witnesses (they spoke for themselves but I also think they represented everyone who has helped us over the past 8 years). When they took the stand, they testified their payments to “Tim Eyman & Family” and “Tim Eyman Legal Defense Fund” were NOT political donations. The AG asked Larry Jensen why he gave and he responded “Because I felt sorry for Tim because I think what you’re doing to him and his family is totally unfair.” The AG bullied them and browbeat them, but they all showed tremendous courage and withstood the AG’s attacks. I’m very proud of all of them — their testimony really helped.

LEFT: Judge Dixon, MIDDLE: Sid Maietto, RIGHT: Richard Sanders (it’s hard to see but in front of the witness stand hanging from the ceiling is a a clear sheet of plexiglass).

Then it was my turn. 

* After taking the oath and sitting down to testify, I asked the judge: “Since I’m going to be answering questions for a really long period of time, if I moved my chair back so I was 20 feet away from everyone, can I testify without wearing a mask?” The judge initially ruled it was OK (“Granted” he said). But as I was moving my chair back, the AG threw a conniption fit, saying I was endangering their lives. The judge reversed himself and I was masked from then on. The AG clearly wanted me muzzled (a perfect metaphor!).

At a political protest in 2004.

* Over the next 3 days, I was grilled for 10 hours (Tues for 2 hours, Wed 7 hours, Thurs 1 hour).

It started with my attorney Richard Sanders asking me about all the initiatives we’ve done. Did you set up a political committee for each one (yes). Was the treasurer you hired to handle all your campaign reports a CPA, tax attorney, and former IRS investigator (yes, Stan Long). Did you consult with and follow the advice of professionals (including Stan Long) when it came to the disputed transactions in this case (yes). How many complaints were there when Stan Long was treasurer (none until this one in 2012). Did he suddenly become a bad treasurer after 10 years of being a good treasurer (no). Did you rely on Stan Long to do the reports correctly (yes). Who is legally responsible for campaign reporting (the treasurer)? Did the AG ever contact Stan Long (no). Your friends and supporters gave you money to survive the AG’s lawsuit against you, did you spend that money on a political campaign (no, it was spent defending myself in this case).

Every question Richard asked and every answer I gave was a dagger in the heart of the AG’s case against me.

Then it was the AG’s turn.

* After dumpster diving my life and poring over 22 years of documents for the past 8 years, during the first hour, the AG grilled me about this email update from last month:

He went sentence by sentence asking me about each one. He challenged me repeatedly: “That part in that sentence isn’t true, is it?”. He went on and on about it. It was bizarre. Ferguson has spent over $1.5 million in taxpayer money and his top priority was asking me about an email? 


I was also asked why my friends and supporters helped me (“Do you believe they helped you because they wanted you to continue to be a political activist?” My answer: “There have been thousands of people who have helped me and my family survive this, so I’m not in a position to say why each one helped me. But I’m grateful they did.”).

They also asked me about my deposition where I exercised my 5th Amendment rights on some of the questions. My answer: I didn’t have a lawyer — the AG had blocked me from having an attorney. But as soon as I had legal representation (Richard Sanders), I answered every question the State had for me and didn’t plead the 5th on any of them.

* On the final day, Richard Sanders closed with this — here’s our Q&A:

Mr. Eyman, when did you start incurring legal expenses in this case? December 2013.

You testified that you asked friends and supporters to help you and your family with that, is that right? Yes.
And you also asked friends and supporters to donate to your legal defense fund, right? Yes.

And you earned money for your political work too, right? Yes.

All that money you raised and received, what was it all spent on? The massive costs of defending myself in this case. 
You testified yesterday that you have about $30,000 in your personal account and about $4000 in your legal defense fund, is that right? Yes.
That’s all that’s left? Yes.

The State is seeking a sizeable financial penalty in this case, if it’s granted, how would you pay it? I have no idea.

Do you want to continue to be a political activist? Yes.
Why? If they take me out, who will dare challenge them? (I’ll reveal the rest of my answer tomorrow). 

really need your help — the massive costs resulting from the AG’s lawsuit are overwhelming. If they take me out, who will dare challenge them? I am so incredibly grateful for your prayers and support during this very difficult time for me and my family.

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I love you all.


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