Rigged And Corrupt Commission Denies Being Rigged And Corrupt

by | Dec 13, 2018

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My testimony last night against bonuses for politicians — and your emails — spurs massive confrontation with rigged and corrupt commission 

Here’s what I wrote before it started:

Here’s my post after it happened:

Let me tell you, the sparks were flying. What really drove them crazy was the emails they were getting from all of you. “How dare you tell us what you think!  We are way too busy listening to all the politicians testify why they should get a bonus.  We are annoyed that regular people like you are telling us to GiveThemNothing.com

Instead of listening to my testimony and Redmond’s Angelia Corona’s (which I read to them), commissioners attacked me!!  They kinda missed the point of a public hearing.  Instead, when I was done, they took turns berating me, ridiculing you, and telling us to mind our own business.

Every time they’d attack, I responded.

”Stop calling our commission rigged and corrupt”

”But it is rigged and corrupt.  You’re not regular citizens, you got the husband of a state Supreme Court judge who, according the minutes at the first meeting admitted he was friends with a lot of the officials who’d be getting the bonuses but that he wouldn’t let that affect his decisions!  Ya, right, is it any wonder people think this is rigged and corrupt.”

”I know about you.  I’m a lawyer.  And I’ve read about you.  You can probably tell that I don’t like you.”

But what really set them off was all the emails all of you have been sending to them.  They said “I put you up to it.”

Really?  So your voices are less legitimate because I made it easy for you to email them directly?  They got hundreds of emails from all of you and it clearly bothered them.  Made it clear that I and all of you have a guaranteed First Amendment right to call the rigged and corrupt commission rigged and corrupt.

As I talked, one of the commissioners got up from his chair and left the room!

i don’t think they like hearing from anyone who believes politicians shouldn’t get massive bonuses.

If you haven’t already, please go to the givethemnothing.com website and sign the online petition.

ill make sure to let you know how the next meeting goes (Jan 9 in Silverdale)

Until then, we need to focus on getting our $30 tab is initiative over the finish line.   To do that, we need to raise a lot more money.  Karen and I selling off our family’s retirement fund and loaning the campaign $500,000 really inspired folks to donate. But we need a lot more.