#Round2 Faces A Threat: Disunity. We Have 6 Months To Overcome It. Here’s What’s Happening.

by | Jul 15, 2019

After reading today’s update, make sure to join our new Facebook group: #Round2 and invite all your friends to join too. Everyone there is dedicated to qualifying and passing our new Term Limits on Taxes Initiative I-1082.

You are all adults and so I’m just going to tell you what’s going on. 

For 6 years, I’ve worked with brilliant people drafting, refining, and perfecting what became Initiative 1648. When I launched its’ signature drive in mid-May, I didn’t know what was going to happen.

But 22 years of initiative experience had taught me one very obvious fact: you can’t get on the ballot unless you’re willing to try.    

About a week later, I got a call: “hey, we’re going to help promote I-1648 with a new Facebook group we’re going to set up” (Washington for I1648). So I teamed up with them for 45+ days and it was an extraordinary experience. I and so many others encouraged folks to join their group to get 1648 qualified. They were new to the process and so I gained tremendous energy from them. We all worked our tails off, but the signature drive ultimately fell short (but not by much). Olympia politicians were quaking in their boots because a rag-tag army of regular citizens had come so close to qualifying such an impactful initiative.

With so much momentum and enthusiasm for 1648’s policies, an immediate #Round2 was essential. So last Sunday, I launched the signature drive for #Round2

What is #Round2? It’s Initiative 1082, Term Limits on Taxes, Round 2.  The initiative’s text has been tightened up and improved but the policies are the same: it expires 11 new taxes costing $27 billion and expires future new taxes after one year (unless voter approved). Most notable improvement: in 2013, legislators in Olympia proposed a statutory bill that put an automatic expiration date on new tax preferences. It passed the Senate and House (Rep. Cary Condotta voted yes) and Inslee signed it into law. It’s on the books right now (RCW 82.32.805). I-1082 does the same thing but for tax increases: it creates a new statute that puts an automatic expiration date on tax increases. The text for I-1082 mirrors their bill’s language and references their precedent. #Round2 is rock solid.

My former teammates and their Facebook group (Washington for I1648 renamed Restore Washington) are promising their own tax initiative some time in the future.

Let me be clear: if/when their proposal makes it through the multi-month process and petitions are printed and available (toward the end of September/early October), I’ll eagerly sign and encourage others to sign. It only benefits the voters to have two chances to limit taxes. It only benefits the voters to have two chances to send Olympia a message. Let’s qualify both.

To me, it is not a zero sum game.

Unfortunately, they’re taking a different approach. Their Facebook group will not allow comments or posts that support I-1082 or working together on both. I was removed and I am not permitted to post or comment there and my previous posts have been erased.  

George T. Penn, a grassroots leader of 1648, tried to post this:

Why not have our team & Tim’s team promote both measures? Why not give the voters two chances? United we stand, divided we fall.

It was rejected. He asked why. “We’re not talking about that, drop it.”

George is now founding admin for our new Facebook group:#Round2. He posted this on day one: 

“I can not say this strongly enough. This group will never be a group that your post will have to be approved by an admin or a mod as long as I am involved. That shows a lack of trust & a severe desire to control the conversation. It’s also in my opinion a worse tyranny than the taxes we are fighting.”

Here’s what’s happening: there is a competition to earn your support. I welcome it. For 22 years, my team has been working on initiatives and our track record speaks for itself. I take tremendous pride in what we’ve accomplished and are accomplishing. This new group is indicating they want to do it too. I welcome them. There’s too many injustices coming out of Olympia and too few citizens willing to do anything about it.

I welcome anyone who’s willing to try, especially folks who’ve never done it before.   

My only suggestion to them is this: over the past two decades, we have created a loyal, energetic, enthusiastic army of grassroots warriors and supportive voters. Those heroic foot soldiers dislike disunity and chafe at infighting. They shake their heads at the idiocy of a circular firing squad. None of them believe that the best way to gain support is to try to drain support from others. We’re all on the same team. 

Unified behind 1648, we came darn close to qualifying. With your help and your support over the next 6 months, I know we can qualify #Round2

I-1082 offers us the chance to overturn this year’s tax insanity, send a message to Olympia, and put those dirty dog politicians on a short leash.

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