Seattle City Clown-cil will vote on resolution supporting dishonest vehicle taxes at public hearing Mon 2pm. I’ll be there to defend I-976 for all of us.

by | Oct 8, 2019

As I confront the Seattle City Clown-cil today at 2 pm on a government resolution telling voters how to vote on I-976, it’s important to reflect on how we got here.Thanks to your persistence and hard work, voters get to vote on I-976 this November.

Back in April 2018 when Karen and I decided to sell off our family’s retirement fund and loan $500K to kick-off the signature drive, we had faith that our heroic supporters and overtaxed citizens would get it over the finish line. We got it started but all of you made it a reality. I am deeply grateful to the literally thousands of supporters across our state who embraced this challenge and made this effort a success.

And I really think this victory comes at a crucial time in our state’s history. There are lots of people who are starting to doubt whether or not regular taxpayers really have a voice in the process anymore. 

Can the little guy still make a difference?  

Initiatives like I-976 are so rare and so needed just so we can actually have some level of faith in the system.

Rest assured, I-976 isn’t just about lowering car tabs. It’s about the people making a clear decision and ensuring that our “representatives” respect it. And to make sure they don’t get away with taking it away from us. Politicians too often forget the sacred principle “with the consent of the governed.”  

Exactly 20 years ago, we had a year-long public debate over that very principle. It really was a David versus Goliath battle. But after months and months of discussion and deliberation (and a lot of Chicken Little, sky-is-falling silliness), the voters ignored the threats, lies, and scare tactics and made a decision. They chose.

It was a time when regular taxpayers felt empowered and validated. And when a judge said that voters didn’t understand it and didn’t know what they were doing, our empowerment was affirmed when the Legislature respected our decision and passed into law what the people had chosen.

And then a few years later, when it looked like the people’s decision was going to be undermined, the voters passed another initiative that said the same thing. 

And for nearly 14 years, the decision voters made stayed in place.

But then, all of the sudden, state and local politicians conspired to resurrect exactly what the voters had rejected twice before. 

And for the past two and half years, taxpayers have made it abundantly clear taht we’re furious about the skyrocketing, dishonest, artificially inflated car tab taxes that have come back to life. And for three legislative sessions, politicians have had every opportunity to listen to us, respond to us, and respect us.

But they didn’t. They’ve done nothing.

So now it’s up to the voters to pass I-976 and remind those politicians that they work for us, not the other way around. That we’re the employers, and they’re the employees. That we’re the parents, and they’re the children.

It’s time for regular taxpayers to be heard. And in the process, we may very well succeed at reaffirming the people’s faith in the system. 

So we’re moving full steam ahead to bring back our $30 Tabs. Thank you all for getting it on the ballot so the voters can decide. 

Is it any wonder that Fascist Fergie is trying so hard to shut us down? If it weren’t for your prayers, friendship, and generous support, Fascist Fergie woulda taken me out years ago. Please help me and my new attorney Richard Sanders fight back.