Senator Pam Roach’s victory on Tuesday — nothing short of remarkable

by | Nov 7, 2014

We’re simply ecstatic that Senator Pam Roach won re-election.  It’s thrilling that voters in the 31st district gave her another 4 years in Olympia.  She’s the best friend the taxpayers have in Olympia and it’s fantastic that her loyalty to her constituents and to her convictions were rewarded on Tuesday.

         It was a devastating loss for Democrat Chris Hurst who plotted and schemed and obsessed for the past 2 years to take her out.  He’s a Democrat House member, also from the 31st district, who has told colleagues “I will never lose an election because I’m smarter and more politically savvy than anyone I know.”

         Hurst recognized that voters in the 31st district are very conservative and so Democrats who’ve run against Pam have consistently lost.  So he convinced 31st district house member, and fellow Republican, Cathy Dahlquist to run against Pam.  That made in an R versus R race in a Republican district.  

          In the primary, Pam got 40% of the vote, Cathy got 40%, and the Democrat got 20%. 

          Chris and Cathy cackled with delight.  “We’ve got her now, Cathy.  My plan is working perfectly.  Now all we have to do is get those 20% of Democrats to vote for you.  Then Pam is toast.”

         He went all in, putting his thumb on the scale even more by having his own family members max-out their contributions to Dahlquist, and taking almost $100,000 of his donors’ contributions to his own reelection and transferring it to Dahlquist.

          He got Chad Minnick, a Republican political consultant who worked for Pam four years ago, to attack his former client with an endless barrage of sleaze and innuendo. 

          To top it all off, everyone in the press piled on, taking cheap shot after cheap shot, competing with one another on who could be the most petty, salivating at the chance to get rid of a powerful conservative voice in Olympia.  

          But fortunately, the negative attacks on her backfired and on election day the voters overwhelmingly reelected Pam.  This woman is invincible.  

          Pam Roach is the people’s champion.  She works hard, she votes right, and she stands up for the taxpayers.  Pam is the Energizer Bunny and keeps going and going and going …

          My favorite Pam’ism:  she is the lead sponsor of the bill that refers the 2/3-for-taxes constitutional amendment to the ballot.  Whenever fellow Senators criticize the 2/3 or her bill, she calls them out by name and publicly reminds them the percentage of the vote in their district that approved I-1185 in 2012. 

          That takes guts.  That takes courage.  We need more Republicans in Olympia to display those qualities.   

          We named Senator Roach our 2014 Legislator of the Year.  We’re thrilled that the voters agree.  

          We urge you to send her a quick email, congratulating her and thanking her for overcoming so many huge obstacles to fight for us for another 4 years:;

          We love you, Pam.