Sig drive for $30 Tabs going like gangbusters – we love our new & old kamikazes

by | Jul 31, 2017

 We spotlighted 695 kamikaze Bob Henkel from Tacoma last week (he got 1000’s of sigs for $30 Tabs Initiative 695 in 1999 and has come out of retirement at age 87 to help with this sig drive).  His inspirational return to the arena inspired other 695 kamikazes to reemerge.

        Michael Messmore from Toledo reconnected with me last week and confirmed that sig collection for $30 Tabs is “going like gangbusters”:

“Hi Tim, thanks for ordering me those 100 petitions from Longview’s Office Depot.  I picked ’em up last Monday and I’ve been going like gangbusters ever since.  I got almost 8000 signatures for 695 and I know I can beat that with this one.  Folks are lining up to sign.  And let me tell you, people are pissed.  They feel cheated and lied to.  Easiest signature EVER.  Thanks for doing this.  I’ve got 11 vehicles so for me, this is personal.”

         Way to go, Mike.  Thank you for your leadership and hard work.  I’m certain that we can do this — get 300,000 signatures over the next 5 months — but it’s gonna take everyone’s help to get ‘er done.   

          Got an email from longtime friend Cheryl Marshall and she’s on track to become a new kamikaze for Initiative 947.  She confirmed getting 400 signatures at Enumclaw’s Street Fair (with the heroic help of Ted DeVol and other activists at the 31st District Republicans’ booth).  

          Our $30 Tabs Initiative sets license fees at $30 for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, motorcycles, motor homes, 5th wheels, and other vehicles.  No more weight fees, no more Sound Transit taxes, no more vehicle fees.  Just a flat, fair $30 for everyone.  

        And the icing on the cake:  our $30 Tabs Initiative really sticks it to Sound Transit.

        Send me an email and let me know how many petitions you want, your address, and your phone number.  I will find an Office Depot, Staples, Minuteman Press, or Kinko’s near you, order the petitions for you, and all you need to do is pick them up.  It is a petition distribution revolution that nearly 100 supporters have already taken advantage of.