Some politicians never talk to taxpayers, only tax takers

by | Mar 7, 2013

Despite the people’s overwhelming vote in favor of Initiative 1185 which sent a clear no-new-taxes message, on February 12th, House Democrat Judy Clibborn announced a bunch of taxes she wanted to increase.  Gas tax hikes, new car tab taxes, and many others.  She said the increases would cost taxpayers $6 billion, an ungodly amount.  
         But was that her high-water mark?  Not even close.  Check out what she told the Seattle Times:  “The one thing I’ve heard from everybody is they want more.” 
         Apparently, some politicians never talk to taxpayers; they only talk to tax-takers.  Judy Clibborn is clearly one of those politicians.  Really?  “Everybody” wants higher taxes?  That doesn’t make sense if she’s talking with taxpayers.  But it makes total sense if she’s talking with the pigs feeding at the trough.
         Earlier this week, the results of a survey of taxpayers revealed what the vote on I-1185 already proved:  higher taxes are unacceptable to struggling taxpayers, especially right now during these tough economic times.  72% of the people oppose Clibborn’s radical increase in gas taxes and 62% of the people oppose Clibborn’s resurrection of hated car tab taxes (  If Judy Clibborn had spent as much time with the taxpayers as she does with the tax takers, she’d have known that.
         So, obviously in light of the citizens’ overwhelming rejection of her tax proposals, she’s going to back off, right?
         “If we made all our decisions based on (polls) we wouldn’t get anything done” was her response to the citizenry.
         Judy Clibborn’s attitude and comments have simply provided the one thousandth example of why our efforts are essential.  Unless the voters continually send a message of fiscal discipline with our initiatives, politicians like Judy Clibborn will go absolutely hog wild.  With your help, we will not let that happen.