Sound Transit lied to us — our $30 Tabs Initiative is the only way to hold them accountable

by | Sep 21, 2017

Gov. Gary Locke, March, 2000: “Regardless of the court’s ruling today, $30 license tabs are here to stay.”

Anyone who’s renewed their car tabs lately knows that’s a lie.

Voters passed our $30 Tabs Initiative in 1999 telling state government we opposed vehicle registration fees above $30. And voters passed our $30 Tabs Initiative in 2002 telling local governments we opposed vehicle registration fees above $30.

And for about 10 years, our initiatives succeeded at keeping car tab taxes low and saved taxpayers billions of dollars.

But in the past 5 years, state and local governments have gone absolutely bonkers, jacking up taxes and fees on vehicles. Renewal bills for $300, $500, $800, even $1500 per vehicle are becoming more and more common.

State government broke their promise to keep license fees at $30 by imposing new weight fees on vehicles. City governments ignored us by imposing new vehicle fees. And Sound Transit lied, lied, lied about the cost and the calculation of car tab taxes for ST3.

And they’re still lying.

As Jason Rantz of KTTH radio so brilliantly explains:

In massive lie, Sound Transit now tries to fleece federal government

It’s hard to imagine, but Sound Transit is complaining they don’t have enough tax dollars.

Despite taking $54 billion from Washington taxpayers by purposefully miscalculating the value of our cars in ST3, they’re after $1.17 billion in federal funding for their ST2 Lynnwood light rail project which is already $500 million over-budget.

“Voters in this region stood up and voted to tax themselves to provide a path out of crippling congestion,” Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff said in one whopper of a lie. “For that, they should be rewarded at the federal level, not punished.”

For Rogoff’s lie — and his agency’s inability to be stewards of our tax dollars — he should be punished.

Firstly, ST2 nor ST3 would reduce the crippling congestion.

I’m sure Rogoff would dispute that he lied; he was technically just being misleading because he can say voters were dumb enough to believe ST2 or ST3 would get them out of congestion when Sound Transit knew it wouldn’t impact traffic at all. But I’m not giving him kudos for being misleading to get out of being called a liar. He’s dishonest and it’s disgusting.
Read Rantz’ full rant here:

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Lots of readers commented — this one caught my eye:

“SIGN THE EYMAN PETITION and get the $30 car-tab issue on the ballot — and kick Sound Transit in the balls HARD. I’d LOVE to watch them squirm. If there ever was a public agency worthy of our complete disdain, it’s Sound Transit.”

Nicely put.

Our $30 Tabs Initiative is the only way to hold Sound Transit accountable for their lies. Let’s stick it to Sound Transit.