Spitting mad Council member calls me yesterday, demands public apology

by | Jan 5, 2017

Got a call yesterday from a Council member — got my a– chewed, actually.  The whole thing was surreal.

I am so angry … I was on vacation … I just came back, turned on my computer, and there’s 100’s of emails from people … a total waste of my time … the emails are rude … don’t you ever take a vacation? … you’re raising kids, aren’t you? … All you ever do is try to make government not work … I demand a public apology.” 

       It went on and on and on.  Unhinged fury, unstable anger.

       My reply (when there was an uncharacteristic pause):  “When are you going to choose Senator Roach’s successor?”

       “When you issue a public apology, I’ll tell you.”

       When it was finally over, I sent back a text message that read:  “In the future , you should put it in writing because if you had written what you said to me in the first 5 min you would never send it because you’d realize how inappropriate and improper it read.”

         Today at 1:30 pm, the Democrat-controlled King County Council was going to interview and choose the Republican senator to replace Pam Roach and interview and choose the Democrat senator to fill the 48th district seat.  Instead, they will only be interviewing and choosing the Democrat senator today. 

         This is unnerving.  If only the Democrat senator is chosen and not the Republican, then that will result in a tied senate (24-24) with uber-activist Democrat Cyrus Habib standing ready to stage his coup and allow the Democrats to take control of the Senate (https://shiftwa.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Cyrus-Habib-King-County-Democrats-Questionnaire.pdf).

           Based on what he himself has said and written during the campaign, Cyrus Habib presents a clear and present danger to the taxpayers of Washington and the proper functioning of the state senate.

           Yesterday at 6:45pm, Curt & Laurel Helton sent an email to one of the Democrats on the King County Council:  “What is going on with the replacement of Pam Roach?  I can’t believe your obstructionist games that are being played at taxpayer expense!”

           At 6:50pm, the council member replied:  “We have a meeting scheduled to do just that.” 

           At 7:07pm, the Helton’s replied:  “Thank you for the prompt reply.  When is the meeting scheduled?”

           At 8:26pm, the council member replied:  “I believe this Saturday, but that’s not official.” 

           So as of 8:26 pm last night, there’s maybe gonna possibly be a meeting this Saturday … but it’s not official.

           What the heck is going on with these guys?

           During yesterday’s crazy phone call, I made it clear that the heroic folks who are taking the time to send emails to get this appointment done before session starts believe that getting a Republican replacement for Senator Roach is a higher priority than their vacations.  I subsequently learned that King County Council members — whose taxpayer-funded salary is $135,525 per year (http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/king-county-council-likely-to-trim-its-pay-raise/) can conduct business, including council votes, by phone! 

         If you want to send another email, cut and paste these email addresses into the To line of your email: 

joe.mcdermott@kingcounty.govdave.upthegrove@kingcounty.govlarry.gossett@kingcounty.govjeanne.kohl-welles@kingcounty.gov ; claudia.balducci@kingcounty.govrod.dembowski@kingcounty.govpete.vonreichbauer@kingcounty.govreagan.dunn@kingcounty.govkathy.lambert@kingcounty.govtim_eyman@comcast.net

        Email this or something like this: 

“Chairman McDermott and other Democrats on the King County Council, I apologize for sending you this message and interrupting your vacation-time.  It must be tough scraping by with a job that only pays $135,525 per year, especially one that can be done by phone.  I’ve been told that you may have made time in your busy schedule to choose a Republican senator who will represent 140,000 people in the 31st district.  And it might be on Saturday, but that’s not official.  When you get a chance, would you check for me and let me know where/when/if that will happen?  I know it’s a lot to ask, but boy, I’d sure appreciate it.” 

       And if this is what it takes to get them to make this appointment before the session starts, let me say:  To the Democrat-controlled King County Council, let me publicly apologize for encouraging our supporters to contact you.  It sounds like it has created quite a huge burden for you — I’m so sorry for that.        

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