Starting from scratch, I-1648 had 4 weeks, came close, but fell short. With all that momentum, new I-1082 Term Limits on Taxes Initiative has 6 months (deadline is Dec 31) — will you help?

by | Jul 6, 2019


1648 didn’t make it. The stakes are too high and the costs too great for any of us to waste time on the various stages of grief (denial, anger, depression, acceptance).  

Instead, we must embrace the U.S. Marines’ motto: improvise, adapt, and overcome.  

Initiative 1082 is Term Limits on Taxes ROUND 2. The signature drive for it starts now. Today from 11am-5pm, I’ll be at the Gig Harbor Wings and Wheels Air Show and Car Show (Tacoma Narrows Airport, 1202 26th Ave NW) at the Pierce County Republican Party booth collecting signatures for it.  

I-1082 is the same as 1648:

* I-1082 expires this session’s 11 new taxes costing $27 billion 

* I-1082 expires future new taxes after one year (unless voter approved).

This is the policy that has 64% support among likely voters (78% w/ Repubs, 67% w/ Independents, 49% w/ Dems). This is the policy that spurred countless citizens and small businesses to collect signatures. This is the policy that attracted all those voter signatures.

Again, I-1082’s policy is the same as 1648.  

It’s the timeline that’s different:  

*  Instead of 4 weeks to distribute petitions, collect signatures, and raise funds, I-1082 has 6 months.
*  Instead of a July 5 deadline, I-1082’s deadline is Dec 31.
*  Instead of being voted on this November, I-1082 will be approved by voters on Nov 3, 2020.

Here’s the official ballot title: Initiative Measure No. 1082 concerns state taxes. This measure would require state tax increases to expire after one year unless approved by a majority vote of the people, and terminate tax increases imposed in 2019 and 2020 without such approval.

I-1082 is our best and only option to overturn this year’s tax insanity and put those dirty dog politicians in Olympia on a short leash.