State senators in 2015 and their constituents’ vote on I-1185 in high-turnout 2012

by | Nov 19, 2014

Inslee wants to go crazy raising taxes and fees in 2015. He promised no tax hikes to get elected, but within 24 hours of becoming Governor, he’s been pushing non-stop for higher revenue. So there’s no fiscal restraint coming from the Executive Branch — whatever revenue-raising bill passes the House and Senate, it’s a slam dunk that Inslee will sign it.

So we have to count on legislators — state house members and state senators — to protect the taxpayers over the next two years.

What can we do to tell legislators how we feel about higher taxes?

We already did.

In 2012, during a high-turnout presidential year, our Initiative 1185 got more votes than any initiative in state history. It was the clearest don’t-raise-taxes message ever.

Here’s a list of current state senators who will representing their constituents in Olympia for the next two years and their constituents’ support for I-1185:

7th district Republican Brian Dansel 75%
20th district Republican John Braun 75%
2nd district Republican Randi Becker 74%
4th district Republican Mike Padden 74%
31st district Republican Pam Roach 73%
13th district Republican Judy Warnick 73%
8th district Republican Sharon Brown 73%
12th district Republican Linda Evans Parlette 73%
39th district Republican Kirk Pearson 72%
17th district Republican Don Benton 72%
18th district Republican Ann Rivers 72%
16th district Republican Mike Hewitt 72%
25th district Republican Bruce Dammeier 71%
9th district Republican Mark Schoesler 70%
19th district Democrat Brian Hatfield 70%
14th district Republican Curtis King 70%
47th district Republican Joe Fain 70%
26th district Republican Jan Angel 70%
35th district Democrat Tim Sheldon 69%
30th district Republican Mark Miloscia 69%
44th district Republican Steve Hobbs 69%
5th district Democrat Mark Mullet 68%
15th district Republican Jim Honeyford 68%
10th district Republican Barbara Bailey 68%
6th district Republican Michael Baumgartner 68%
29th district Democrat Steve Conway 68%
28th district Republican Steve O’Ban 67%
38th district Democrat John McCoy 67%
49th district Democrat Annette Cleveland 67%
24th district Democrat Jim Hargrove 66%
3rd district Democrat Andy Billig 66%
33rd district Democrat Karen Keiser 64%
1st district Democrat Rosemary McAuliffe 64%
21st district Democrat Marko Liias 63%
45th district Republican Andy Hill 63%
11th district Democrat Bob Hasegawa 62%
32nd district Democrat Maralyn Chase 61%
42nd district Republican Doug Ericksen 61%
41st district Republican Steve Litzow 61%
23rd district Democrat Christine Rolfes 60%
48th district Democrat Cyrus Habib 60%
27th district Democrat Jeannie Darneille 60%
40th district Democrat Kevin Ranker 59%
22nd district Democrat Karen Fraser 54%
34th district Democrat Sharon Nelson 49%
46th district Democrat David Frockt 43%
37th district Democrat Pramila Jayapal 41%
36th district Democrat Jeanne Kohl-Welles 39%
43rd district Democrat Jamie Pedersen 32%
Out of 49 state senators, 44 of them received an overwhelming don’t-raise-taxes message from their constituents.

For any tax increase bill pushed in Olympia over the next two years, there should be 44 senators representing their constituents by saying “NO” to such bills.

But there are powerful special interest groups that will be pushing them to disregard, disrespect, and flat-out ignore their constituents’ mandate.

Our job is to constantly remind these non-Seattle legislators the voters’ clear message: “Don’t raise taxes, prioritize spending, use existing revenues more cost effectively. With wages flat, we’re tapped out.”

We’re gearing up for a huge fight next year — we need your help to succeed.