Stick it to Sound Transit – ST’s lies spawned $30 Tabs Initiative

by | Jul 12, 2017

Our new $30 Tabs Initiative is making Sound Transit squeal like a stuck pig.  And that makes you smile, doesn’t it?  It sure makes me smile.  Sticking it to Sound Transit is one of the most satisfying aspects of bringing back our $30 tabs for everyone in Washington state who own cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, RVs, motorcycles, 5th wheels, motor homes, and other vehicles.  Just a flat, fair, reasonable $30 per year to license your vehicles.

And as an added benefit, everyone in the state gets to stick it to Sound Transit.  They deserve it.

       Sound Transit has autonomous, unchecked power.  They’re immunized by an unelected, unaccountable board.  They have no fear of lawsuits because they’ve hired every law firm.  They extensively advertise on TV, radio, and newspapers so the media won’t journalistically or editorially challenge them aggressively.  They sponsor museums and concert halls and orchestras and operas and sports stadiums with our tax dollars.  They are a gargantuan octopus of influence.

        But a statewide initiative setting tabs at $30?  Ooo, baby, that’s a wooden stake in Sound Transit’s heart because it allows everyone to vote on an ST3 do-over.  

        And a do-over is absolutely needed because Sound Transit lied.  In fact, they lied twice. 

        First, they lied to the Legislature, doing a $15-billion-to-$54 billion bait-and-switch (NEWS TRIBUNE, 4/15/17:  “At a committee hearing in 2015, Sound Transit board members repeatedly spoke of needing the Legislature to authorize ‘the full $15 billion’ in taxing authority. … Clibborn, the House Transportation Committee Chairwoman, said she’s not sure lawmakers would have signed off on Sound Transit 3 if they had known how big the tax proposal would become.  ‘I think if you had said, ‘We’re going to bond this and we’re going to ask for $54 billion,’ it would not have gone anywhere,’ Clibborn said.  Nobody was going to do that. … Everybody was having this $15 billion in front of them.” — 

        That’s lie #1.  And it was a massive lie. 

        Second, they lied to the voters about the costs and the calculations for car tabs taxes.  “Just $80” is what voters were told over and over again.  But taxpayers are getting bills that are radically higher than that.  And we were told that vehicle taxes would be  calculated based on what your vehicle was actually worth.  Neither were true. 

        The Legislature was lied to.  Voters were lied to.  

        Now it’s payback time.  It’s time to stick it to Sound Transit.  

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© 2020 Permanent Offense