Stopping Jay Inslee’s Horrible Comprehensive Sex Ed For Kids Law

by | Mar 31, 2020

Stopping Jay Inslee’s horrible Comprehensive Sex Ed for Kids Law.

Jay Inslee didn’t listen to parents and teachers — I did.


I’m totally opposed to Jay Inslee’s horrible Comprehensive Sex Ed for Kids Law.

I believe in local control especially when it comes to education and I completely reject Jay Inslee’s top-down dictatorial approach.

Parents told Jay Inslee they opposed this.

He didn’t listen.

Teachers told Jay Inslee they opposed being forced to teach this.

He didn’t listen to them.

He signed Senate Bill 5395 into law on Friday.


But unlike Jay Inslee, I listened to parents and teachers.

An initiative was filed a few weeks ago. It’s called PROTECT OUR KIDS’ INNOCENCE and it stops Jay Inslee’s horrible Comprehensive Sex Ed for Kids Law.

The initiative repeals that statute. Once repealed, each local school district will once again decide its own course-content (OSPI’s Chris Reykdal can find something else to do).

It prohibits exposing toddlers and underaged children to R-rated and X-rated subject matter.

Best of all, it provides the ultimate in local control: each parent must opt-in (no parent should be forced to send their child to such a class) and each teacher may opt-out (no teacher should be forced to teach something that violates their values).

For such a sensitive subject, having parents opt-in and allowing teachers to opt-out is the only way to ensure everyone’s values are respected. You can read the complete text of the initiative here:

The Attorney General has already written its’ ballot title: This measure would repeal laws governing the content of sexual health education in public schools, require parental op-in for student participation, prohibit certain materials, and allow teachers to opt out. Should this measure be enacted into law? Yes [ ] No [ ]

There wasn’t a legal challenge so the signature drive can start now. 

That means petitions can be printed immediately and everyone can start collecting signatures right away. 

Today. Now.

This initiative is the best way for voters to stop Jay Inslee’s horrible Comprehensive Sex Ed for Kids law.

But I’m running for Governor so I can’t lead this initiative campaign.  


I’ll explain how that’ll work in a minute.

But first, I need to explain something that’s very important.


A referendum supposedly has 90 days to collect signatures.

But that’s not how it works in the real world.

Because filing the referendum took time.

The AG drafting the ballot title took time.  

A costly, time-consuming lawsuit challenging the ballot titles was filed on Friday by the ACLU. Petitions can’t be printed until the court hears the case. 

4 weeks from now (probably longer) a judge will decide on the ballot titles’ final wording. Only then will petitions be able to be printed. That leaves only 45 days (April 27 – June 10) for supporters to collect 165,000 voter signatures.

That means collecting 3600 signatures EACH AND EVERY DAY during those 45 days. 

Once the judge makes his ruling, it takes weeks just to get petitions printed, mailed out, and distributed.

Add to that Inslee’s shutdown and it becomes very clear the referendum isn’t going to make it. 

And if the attempt is made and it fails, Inslee will say “this shows us that voters support SB 5395!” 


Of course that’s not true but that’s what he’ll say.

And worst of all, the great people who worked so hard and donated so much trying to qualify it will be exhausted, demoralized, and poorer.   

* CROWDED BALLOT: But let’s just say, by some miracle, the referendum does qualify. It’ll appear on this November’s ballot. Since it’s a presidential year, it’ll be crowded, lots of candidates and issues to sift through. With a well-funded opposition and biased media, the voters will decide based on very little information.

The steering committee for the referendum — the people and organizations on it — are good, solid, well-intentioned, true-believers who strongly oppose SB 5395. I agree with them. They really want voters to have the chance to overturn it. I want that too. But they’re not experienced with ballot measures.

So they’re relying on political consultants who are telling them to go with the referendum. 

But there’s a conflict: consultants make money even when the campaign fails (monthly consulting fees, huge mark-up for printing and mailing petitions, envelopes, signs, Q&A sheets, etc).

And there’s an even bigger conflict: one of the consultants also works for one of the other gubernatorial candidates.

So they’re going to see me as a threat (more on that below).

So I decided that the best way to convince them to push this initiative instead is to have all of you convince them.

How? By all of you printing up initiative petitions NOW and getting signatures NOW. 

Once this train leaves the station, the political consultants won’t be able to stop it. 


In short:

Referendum: ON HOLD until April 27, not enough time, sabotaged by Inslee’s shutdown, only repeals SB 5395.

Initiative: READY NOW, 9 months to collect signatures, repeals SB 5395, allows parents to opt-in, teachers may opt-out, each local school district decides its own course-content, and no R-rated or X-rated subject matter.

Why wait 4+ weeks to start a losing effort, when all of us can start today on a winning one?


I’m not the sponsor of the initiative. So anyone can promote it.

I won’t be leading it — all of you will.

Here’s a link to the PDF of the petition:

Download and save that link and forward it to a local printer or copy store and get a bunch of petitions printed up.  

Then start getting signatures and distributing petitions. Mail your petitions directly the Secretary of State (their address in Olympia is pre-printed on the petition).

You’ve got 9 months. GO GET ‘EM.

Got a question, email me.

Here’s why I’m doing things this way: When Gov. Gregoire signed gay marriage into law in 2012, there was a referendum filed to challenge it. I contacted the sponsors and privately told them it was doomed to fail and recommended they promote an initiative that had already been processed (sponsored by someone else) that was much more likely to succeed. They didn’t listen — the consultants told them to go with the referendum. They saw the initiative as a threat. People all across WA put in hundreds of thousands of hours getting signatures for the referendum. Their campaign raised and spent a massive amount of money. And they lost (but the consultants made out like bandits). Now, here, on SB 5395, I was watching history repeat itself. So this time, I’m going about things differently to make sure this effort has the best chance at success. I worked hard creating this initiative to provide parents and teachers with a way to do for themselves what their arrogant governor and tone-deaf Democrat legislators refused to do: protect the innocence of their children. I hope you’ll make the most of this opportunity and give the voters the chance to veto Jay Inslee’s horrible Comprehensive Sex Ed for Kids Law.