Stopping The Democrats’ Income Tax – I Got Gaveled Down While Testifying Against Their Bill

by | Apr 9, 2019

So I trekked down to Olympia for an 8:00 am hearing to testify against the Democrats’ income tax bill.

I had 90 seconds. I wore my $30 Tabs t-shirt because it shows that the people have the power to overturn taxes. We’ve overturned skyrocketing car tab taxes (and we’re doing it again in November) – we can do the same thing if they impose an income tax.  

Watch my testimony here:

The Democrats’ didn’t like what I was saying. I got gaveled down. My sign read:

Because politicians will NEVER limit taxes.

That’s from 20 years ago — it’s even more true today.

I filed our new “We Don’t Want An Income Tax Initiative” last week. It’s Initiative #1005 and it’s still being processed. If the Democrats open up this Pandora’s box and pass their income tax bill in the House and Senate and Inslee signs it, then we’ll have 8 months to collect the necessary signatures (from April through December). With that much time and with so many citizens opposed to an income tax, I’m certain we can do it.

With I-1005, we’re gonna make the Democrats’ income tax THE ISSUE in every race for every position on the 2020 ballot.

We Don’t Want An Income Tax!