Tell Senate Republicans you support their no-new-taxes position

by | Apr 27, 2017

 Inslee and the Democrats are obsessed with raising taxes.  But House and Senate Republicans are unified against the Dems’ tax-hiking agenda.  

         Yesterday there was a Senate hearing on the House Democrats’ tax bill that costs taxpayers a whopping $23 billion.  Cowardly Dems refuse to vote on it (because they know voters oppose it) so Dino Rossi has stepped up and sponsored their bill in the Senate.  It’s a courageous and brilliant move.  

         The room was packed with the usual suspects, almost all of them asking/begging the Legislature to raise taxes.  But we know that nearly 2/3 of voters oppose higher taxes — we’ve shown that over and over again at the ballot box.  So the folks who testified are not representative of the voters (normal people were at work during yesterday’s 3:00 pm hearing).

         Senate Republicans and Democrat Tim Sheldon are standing strong for the taxpayers, insisting on 2 basic principles:

*  They strongly and unanimously oppose the Democrats’ tax increases, due especially to Sound Transit’s massive tax grab.
*  If there is to be a tax increase, they demand that there be a public vote on it (fantastic!).  

          These are common sense principles that the people strongly support.  The people don’t support higher taxes and the people deserve to vote on any tax increase. 

          Please everyone – RIGHT NOW – send an email to the 25 members of the Majority Coalition Caucus — cut and paste these email addresses into the To line:


           Email them this or something like this:

“MCC members, thank you for standing up for the taxpayers of Washington state — that’s what we elected you to do.  I support your no-new-taxes approach.  I’m thrilled that you are insisting that any tax increase be put on the ballot for a public vote.  Thank you for respecting me with that.  No way do I support the Legislature raising taxes — $3 billion in higher revenue from the existing tax burden is more than enough.  Nearly 2/3 of voters at the ballot box have repeatedly made it clear that the people oppose the Legislature raising taxes.  Inslee and the Democrats are acting like spoiled children — you need to be the responsible parent.  You are absolutely right to insist that the House Democrats vote on their massive $23 billion tax package before you negotiate with them.  Them holding their breath, stomping their feet, and throwing a childish temper tantrum only shows how foolish their position is.  Nearly 2/3 of voters, especially those in legislative swing districts, will support you as long as you stand your ground.  Always remember that Inslee/Democrats/Big Labor/WEA-sponsored judges/the media want higher taxes but they only represent 1/3 of voters.  You represent the supermajority of voters who don’t support tax increases.  Thank you for what you’re doing – we are grateful you are listening to us.”

        Let me know what you think about this.

        Help us fight back against Inslee and the Democrats’ tax-hiking obsession.  While they’re pushing for tax increases, we’re pushing for tax relief — we’re fighting fire with fire.  The Property Tax Fairness Initiative is a bold, exciting proposal that helps everyone.  It cuts property taxes 25% for everyone, caps property tax increases, and eliminates the personal property tax.  It’s all about making property taxes fairer.  Help us make it a reality. 

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