Tell the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus to stand with taxpayers

by | Mar 30, 2017

    Inslee and Democrats are obsessed.  Their proposed tax-hiking schemes are hurtful and destructive and completely unnecessary.  Despite a huge surge in revenue from our existing tax structure, the Dems are hyper-focused on raising taxes this session.  Income taxes, carbon taxes, customer taxes, anything and everything.  Their tax proposals will hurt families and destroy jobs.  

         In November 2012, voters awarded our 5th 2/3 initiative with more votes than any initiative in state history.  It was a clear don’t-raise-our-taxes message from voters. 

             In response, the Senate Republicans teamed up with a couple of conservative Democrats and formed the Senate’s Majority Coalition Caucus.  Ever since then, during the 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 legislative sessions, they’ve protected taxpayers from Inslee and the Democrats’ tax insanity.   

        This session, the MCC went even further — on day one, they installed a 2/3 vote requirement for any bill raising taxes.  That means no tax increase will come up for a floor vote in the Senate unless 2/3 agree.     

        Thank goodness they did that.  Because the Democrats are obsessed with raising taxes — it’s scary.  

        I ask you to send a message to the 25 MCC senators, just cut and paste these email addresses into the To line:


           Email them this or something like this:

“MCC members, I am counting on you to protect us from the Democrats tax-hiking schemes.  What they are proposing is completely insane.  Income taxes, carbon taxes, customer taxes — none of them are wanted or needed.  I don’t support any tax increases this year.  Thank you for insisting on the 2/3 vote requirement for bills raising taxes.  It’s clearly needed and totally consistent with what the voters have demanded at the ballot box.  As negotiations heat up and the pressure builds, always remember that Inslee / Democrats / Big Labor / WEA-sponsored judges / the media may sound loud but their rhetoric and agenda only resonates with 1/3 of voters.  The 2/3 of voters who oppose higher taxes will back you as long as you stay strong and block tax increases.”    

        Sending your email RIGHT NOW will really help.

        The Property Tax Fairness Initiative 1550 is moving full steam ahead.  Everyone should have received a petition in the mail by now.  If you haven’t, email me back.  The Property Tax Fairness Initiative is a bold, exciting proposal that helps everyone.  It cuts property taxes 25%, caps property tax increases, and eliminates the personal property tax.  It’s all about making property taxes fairer.  Help us make it a reality.