TERM LIMITS ON NEW TAXES: Here’s the new taxes I-1648 eliminates in November, if we collect sigs by July 5 deadline

by | May 15, 2019

I-1648 requires all the Democrats new taxes to expire as soon as the initiative becomes law (we vote on Nov 5 and the initiative takes effect on Dec 5). All future tax hikes expire after one year.

I-1648’s “term limits on new taxes” only apply to tax hikes imposed by the Legislature (voter-approved tax increases are exempt). If politicians want a tax hike to last longer, THEY HAVE TO ASK THE VOTERS’ PERMISSION at the ballot box. 

The Democrats went bonkers this session (11 massive tax hikes):

* New payroll taxes (HB 1087): $8,036,110,541
* New property sales taxes (REET – SB 5998): $1,747,300,000
* New fuel taxes (MTCA – SB 5993): $2,760,000,000
* New taxes on bank customers (SB 6016):  $367,900,000
* New taxes on bank customers (HB 2167):  $1,035,700,000
* New taxes on border business customers (SB 5997): $311,759,000
* New taxes on travel agent customers (SB 6004): $30,100,000
* New taxes on vaping customers (HB 1873): $207,135,000
* New taxes on online buyers (SB 5581): $1,039,261,000
* New taxes on service business customers (SB 2158): $3,097,600,000
* New property taxes (SB 5313): $8,661,000,000

Grand total:  $27,293,865,541 
(State budget office: https://tinyurl.com/ofm-wa-gov-tax-increase-costs)

That’s right:  Over $27 billion!!!

The math is very clear: ADD Democrat control of the Legislature PLUS a tax happy Governor EQUALS absolute tax insanity!  

If the Democrats get away with this, they’ll just keep doing it.

Here’s our chance to overturn all new taxes in November. 

Here’s the level of public support for term limits on tax increases:  64% support among likely voters (78% w/ Republicans, 67% w/ Independents, and 49% w/ Democrats). 

This initiative is a winner. 

We have from now until July 5 to qualify it.  Difficult but doable.

There’s 2 ways to help: donate and collect signatures. 

Donate online here (by PayPal or credit card): 

Or do a mail-in donation (print, fill out, and mail it in:https://tinyurl.com/Mail-in-donation-form).

Once you’ve done that, get yourself a bunch of I-1648 petitions:


They must be printed on 11″x17″ paper, front & back, black print on regular white paper (does not need to be printed in color): 

To get petitions, hit “reply” to this email (or email me at30tabs@gmail.com) or call me (509-991-5295) and let me know how many petitions you want, your address, and your phone number. I’m ready to help.

We need everyone donating and collecting signatures from now until the July 5th deadline to succeed.

Fascist Fergie has been desperately trying for years to stop our initiatives from qualifying. But despite his best efforts, we qualified our $30 Tabs Initiative for the fall ballot.

Imagine how furious he’ll be when we qualify I-1648 too!! His head will literally explode if we give voters two opportunities to repudiate the Democrats’ tax-hiking schemes in November.