Thank you — that’s something I don’t say it enough

by | Aug 13, 2014

Over the past 16 years, we’ve accomplished some extraordinary things.  As regular citizens, we’ve succeeded at letting the voters vote on 15 statewide initiatives.  That’s 15 reforms that no Legislature would ever pass on their own.

         But not one of those initiatives would have qualified for a vote without all of you.  You are ones who put the wind in our sails.  Without you, Jack, Mike, and I are just 3 guys standing on a soap box.  

        Thank you.  Thank you all.  It means so much to me that you’re willing to support our efforts.  We feel a very special responsibility to you to work as hard as we can and try as hard as we can.  

        We’ve proven time-and-again that regular people can make a huge difference in the political direction of our state.  That’s a truly extraordinary accomplishment. 

         In 1999, during the campaign for Initiative 695’s $30 car tabs, a reporter asked me “Everyone’s against your initiative.  Politicians oppose it, unions oppose it, business opposes it, the newspapers oppose it, how can you possibly win?”  

        My response?  “Because there’s more of us than there are of you.”

         But it takes thousands of heroic people like you to give regular people the chance to vote on a citizens’ initiative.

         Thank you.  Thank you all very much.