The fight for our $30 Tabs Initiative is about a whole lot more than $30 Tabs

by | Jun 20, 2018

I wouldn’t have sold off my family’s retirement fund and loaned half a million dollars to the signature drive for Initiative 976 if this was just about lowering tabs.


There’s so much more to it. It’s about holding Sound Transit accountable for lying to us. It’s about holding the Legislature accountable for lying to us. It’s about voters’ faith in the system. It’s about politicians learning a lesson: that they work for us — that we are the employer and they are the employee.

  • Sound Transit lied to the Legislature, asking for $15 billion in taxing authority and then after getting it, raising taxes $54 billion instead.
  • Sound Transit lied to the voters, telling us our tabs would go up “around $80” but instead jacking them up hundreds and manytimes thousands of dollars.
  • Two times the voters have repealed the dishonest, inaccurate vehicle valuation schedule that Sound Transit is using to artificially inflate the taxes they’re imposing. And despite two legislative sessions, the Legislature refuses to stop Sound Transit from ripping us off.
  •  After our first initiative on $30 tabs was overwhelmingly approved by voters, the court vetoed the initiative. But Gov. Gary Locke held a press conference that same day and promised “Regardless of the court’s ruling today, $30 license tabs are here to stay.”

Besides donating, the next best thing is to get yourself a bunch of I-976 petitions!

And just to put an exclamation mark on it, voters approved our second $30 tabs initiative. The message from the people was crystal clear and tabs stayed down for another decade.

But in recent years, the Legislature and Governor and cities and Sound Transit decided that their desires outweighed our votes.

I-976 provides us with an amazing opportunity to send a message to politicians and governments that the people will hold them accountable when they lie to us.

But it’s just that: an opportunity. I urge everyone to take full advantage of it by helping us get I-976 over the finish line.

We have from now until the end of December to raise money and collect signatures to qualify I-976 for a public vote.

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