The government’s brutal 6-year persecution of me and my family has resulted in bankruptcy and divorce. It is a truly sad, heartbreaking situation. Here’s how we got here.

by | Nov 29, 2018

My dearest friends:

For 6 long years, I’ve been slammed with the most intense, soul-crushing government litigation against a private individual in state history.  While the AG has had unlimited resources to assign teams of taxpayer-financed lawyers to bury me and my attorneys in an endless maze of motions and procedures, my legal costs have had to be funded privately (from my family’s limited resources and from financial support from folks like you).  I was doing the best I could to keep up.

But 2 things happened recently that brought me to the breaking point:

1. The AG decided to go after my wife, a full-time mom with no connection whatsoever to my political efforts.  My wife is a very private person with serious health challenges and the stress and strain on her was literally unbearable.

2. After 6 long years, the trial was finally going to be heard on Nov 26 of this year.  But the AG saw how costly the investigative phase was for me so they decided to pile on, asking the court for 3 additional months to investigate.  My attorneys warned that meant losing the trial date.  The judge nonetheless granted their extension, causing a massive delay.  The trial was reset … to Jan 2020!  Here’s why an extra 14 months was so devastating:  last month’s legal bill from just one of my attorneys was $80,000!

Bankruptcy was my only option.

What’s bankruptcy going to cost me?  The amount that the government, the lawyers, and others are going to take from me is the value of all my assets on the day I filed for bankruptcy.  That includes our home, cars, furniture, savings, etc.  And it will be the bankruptcy judge, not the AG, who will decide how much I owe.  I’ll then have years under a payment plan to pay that amount using future earnings and/or the sale of assets, like our home.  It’s going to be the most difficult financial challenge I’ve ever faced.  But again, I have no choice.

The end of a 25-year marriage.  When my wife met me, I was living a normal, quiet life.  I had a small mail-order company marketing fraternity watches that I ran out of my Bellevue apartment.  We met at a friend’s birthday party on May 14, 1993 and got married 12 months later.  For many years, it was just the two of us living a normal, quiet life.  That changed dramatically when political activism became the passion of my life.  As you can imagine, it’s far from normal and certainly not quiet.  Even so, she’s always been completely supportive.  But recently, the stress and strain and intense pressure from the escalating litigation became unbearable.

First and foremost, I ask you to keep us in your prayers.  As you can imagine, this whole thing has been and continues to be too overwhelming to fully express.  We wish there was another way.  Please know that we have talked it through, prayed about it, and firmly believe this is the only way forward.

It is my life’s mission to do what I’m doing.  My family understands that, respects that, and supports me in that.  They realize it’s important work.  But even more than that, they know – because they’ve seen it all their lives – that there’s nothing that gives me greater satisfaction than being a political activist and working with all of you to help our fellow citizens.  It’s what I was meant to do.  For 20 years, I’ve done the best I could, fighting for taxpayers and being the best husband and father I could.  Even though the path I’m following has resulted in significant sacrifices that I still have not fully absorbed, I’m going to keep at it because our work together is needed now more than ever.

And I’m going to keep going for another reason:  there’s simply no way I’m going to let the government get away with this.  If they shut me down, who’s next?

I want to thank you all for your friendship and understanding during this very difficult time.  The challenges before me – the costs to continue fighting together to protect the taxpayers, raising enough so the $500K that Karen and I loaned to the $30 Tabs Initiative is repaid, fighting the government’s litigation against me during bankruptcy, providing for my family after the divorce, earning a living – are much too great to handle on my own.  I hope you’ll help me and support me in the years to come.

Regards, Tim Eyman, ph: 425-590-9363,

P.S.  As always, I want your feedback.  My phone number and email address appear above.  Please let me know your thoughts, suggestions, and advice on all this.