The growing support for our tougher-to-raise-taxes policies

by | Nov 20, 2012

 800,000 voters approved our 2/3 initiative in 2007.
         1.6 million voters approved our 2/3 initiative in 2010. 
         Nearly 1.9 million approved our 2/3 initiative this year. 
         More and more and more taxpayers are telling Olympia that tax and fee increases are a non-starter.  The ripple effects from these increasing vote totals cannot be underestimated.  Legislators who defy this clear no-new-taxes/fees mandate are ruling over the citizens, not representing them.  
         Higher taxes and fees will only extend our state’s ongoing tough economic times.  Struggling families are simply overburdened as it is and can’t handle any more.  Olympia needs to be thankful for the existing revenues and give up on taking any more.    

          We can only keep fighting if you support us.  Jack, Mike, and I ask for your help.