The voters have spoken. Message from voters to the politicians was crystal clear. Last night’s election results on ballot measures explained.

by | Nov 6, 2019

I’ll never be able to adequately convey how special and deeply moving it was for me to share last night with my daughter Riley. 

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I asked her to be by my side the whole time so we could experience it all together.

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Two moments I’ll never forget:

* Just before she left, she had a huge smile on her face and said “I am just so happy it passed.” She was totally vested in this — she had helped me collect signatures for I-976 at many of the fairs last year. It was hers just as much as anyone.

*  At one point when we were standing next to one another, she turned to me, reached out her hand and grabbed mine and said “let’s do this” and she raised her hands and my hand in the air in victory. Here’s the picture that is in today’s Everett Herald that resulted from her idea:

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I love being a political activist. I absolutely love it. So sharing that love I have for it and the joy I have doing it with her last night is something I’ll never forget.  

As for last night’s election results, the voters have spoken. The message was crystal clear:

* Ideas matter. Voters embraced initiative ideas that I’ve co-sponsored over the years – the people reaffirmed their strong support for $30 tabs (I-695, I-776, I-917), prohibiting affirmative action (I-200), and telling legislators how they feel about recently imposed tax increases with the 12 tax advisory votes (I-960, I-1053, I-1185). All were measures I co-sponsored and voters passed. The pigs at the trough — Big Business, Big Labor, politicians, and the press — couldn’t defend the dishonest tax or the Legislature’s failure to fix it. So they insulted our intelligence by attacking me. They spent $5 million attacking me, politicians attacked me, editorials and “news” stories attacked me. They all made the absurd assumption that voters would vote no on an idea they supported if the sponsor was attacked. Andrew Villeneuve, who still lives with his mom and dad and runs the “Northwest Progressive Institute” out of the basement of his parent’s house, somehow convinced these powerful pigs at the trough that Eyman hating was a vote-getter. It’s not. It never has been. Last night proved it. It was just plain stupid. 

* The repudiation of Sound Transit by Pierce County voters and Snohomish County voters is stunning (and once King County’s vote is broken down by precinct, it’s looks clear that non-Seattle King County voters are fed up too). The vote on I-976 was clearly a revote on ST3 and this time, voters knew the true cost. And now that they know the truth about godawful expensive it is, those voters outside Seattle have a clear message: if Seattle wants a massive multi-billion-dollar boondoggle, don’t force the rest of us to pay for it.

* Look how discerning voters were on the 12 tax advisory votes. Voters clearly took their time, studied them individually, and supported some and rejected others. Critics say voters are too stupid to make such distinctions but they clearly could and did. 

I am so happy that so many great friends and supporters joined us at last night’s election night celebration. And I’m overwhelmed and thankful for all the congratulatory calls, texts, emails, posts, and comments I’ve received from all of you. I’m incredibly lucky to have so many good friends.  I love you all.