THIS YEAR’S FAKEST MEDIA OUTRAGE: Eyman Says Jay Inslee Has His Knee On The Neck Of Millions…

by | Dec 30, 2020

THE YEAR’S FAKEST MEDIA OUTRAGE: Eyman says Jay Inslee has his knee on the neck of millions of people he deems non-essential.

Back in June, I said that on Facebook live. 

Cue the media outrage.

Hysteria. Harrumphing. Noses held high. 

Endless demands for an apology.   

I was live-interviewed on KING 5 about it — watch it here: 

Looking back, I can tell what drove them nuts was the fact that I didn’t back off or back down.

They’re not used to that.

I wrote about it the next day:

I said it.

I’m saying it again today.

I’m going to keep saying it.

Because it’s true.

Inslee categorized his big money donors and his elite backers as essential and everyone else non-essential — and it is wreaking havoc and getting worse with each passing day.

Real people who Inslee calls non-essential are dying. Real people who Inslee deems unimportant are suffering.

And these real people are begging … literally begging … him to get off … to open Washington like other states have already done … so these struggling people can pick up the pieces of their broken lives and at least try to survive.

And Inslee’s response to them is to call them heartless and selfish.

And he sends in SWAT teams, liquor control, and L&I to impose crushing fines and the AG to prosecute.

Yesterday I was asked by KING 5 if I stand by my comments and KOMO 4 asked if I would apologize.

Here’s my answer: “Nothing disgusts me more than when government officials abuse their power and cost people their lives. Jay Inslee has inflicted devastation on millions of people he deemed non-essential. I hear from them every day. The suicides, drug overdoses, and delayed medical procedures of people Inslee calls non-essential will grow exponentially until the media starts reporting on them. People are dying. People are suffering. People are crying out for help and Inslee calls them heartless. George Floyd was killed and were there not a camera to record it, then his passing would gone unnoticed. I refuse to let Jay Inslee get away with inflicting this much pain and suffering upon so many people without the same justified outrage that we all feel for George Floyd.”

I said it.

I said it because it’s true.

And I’m going to keep saying it until Inslee stops hurting people.

And I’m going to keep saying it until the media is as outraged for what Inslee is doing as they are for what I’m saying.

— END —

Is it any wonder Ferguson is pushing for a lifetime ban on all my future political activity?


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