Tim Eyman Confronts Mob At Jay Inslee’s Lawless Zone That He Denies Exists

by | Jun 11, 2020

It was like a scene out of the movie Mad Max: barricades on street corners where cars burned only days before. Boarded up buildings wrapped in chain-link fencing. Graffiti all over the buildings, sidewalks, and roads. A total war zone. 

The stories about it sounded so crazy — blocks of Capitol Hill declared an “Autonomous Zone” which had seceded from America?

I had to see it for myself to learn if it was true. And if it was, I wanted to find out why none of our political “leaders” would confront them.

But I also wanted to hear from the people directly to find out what they wanted. 

Just last week, we were told Nigerian princes took $1 billion from Washington’s citizens.

I blame Jay Inslee’s incompetence for allowing that to happen. It’s the government’s job to pass laws — and enforce them — to prevent criminal activity from occurring and punish criminal activity to deter others from doing the same.

What’s happening in Seattle — ceding 6 blocks of Capitol Hill to be overrun, ordering law enforcement to walk out, and then denying the “Autonomous Zone” even exists — is occurring because Jay Inslee is allowing it. 

Jay Inslee says Seattle’s Autonomous Zone doesn’t exist:

It does exist. I saw it for myself.

And it’s a perfect example of Jay Inslee’s double-standard: Jay Inslee will send in SWAT teams, health officials, L&I $10K fines, and liquor control goons to shut down a fitness gym owner (Arlington’s Mike Jellison), a barber (Snohomish’s Bob Martin), and a restaurant (Wenatchee’s WindMill) for defying his orders, but he’s doing absolutely nothing about rampant lawlessness in Seattle.

I was there for a little over an hour. I went there to see it, listen, and report back what I saw and heard.

Just before I went in, I recorded this:

I entered at the far east entrance to the barricaded area:

I walked around:

I listened to speeches:

As I stood there, a couple of people did the usual: “Are you Tim Eyman? F— you.”


Kept walking around for a little while.

And then things really escalated.

More and more of them swarmed around me. One guy stood a few inches away. It was hostile, it was intense.

Lots of f u’s. Lots of get-the-f—outta-here.

One woman kept saying “get the f— out of here, you’re not welcome here.”

I calmly responded “no, this is a public place.”

Then about 200 of them started chanting “Leave, leave, leave, leave.”

When I stood there calmly for several minutes and didn’t leave, they ran out of steam and stopped their senseless chant. One asked why I was there — “to listen” I replied. Some complained about the initiatives I’ve done.

One woman told me to remove the hate speech from my shirt (I was wearing Tim Eyman for Governor and $30 tabs stickers).

I didn’t.

It continued to escalate.

I kept my hands in my pockets, looked each of them in the eye, and listened to them vent.

They were enraged I was there, and bewildered I wasn’t backing down.

This lasted for about 10 minutes. Just before I left, there was a moment where I did speak to all of them. A couple of members of the group seemed to recognize the absurdity of the situation. People who were willing to burn down a city for their right to free speech and protest, people who were angry no one was listening, were trying to chase me off when I was there precisely to listen to them, but there they were shouting me down.

But as the crowd was quieted by one person just for a moment, I got in a few words. I said I knew they disagreed with my politics, but that I went there to listen. I believe in free speech and peaceful protest. And I said I was leaving not because they told me to, but I was leaving to deescalate the situation.

Seattle’s Autonomous Zone isn’t a music festival or farmers market — 6 blocks of Capitol Hill is now under lawless mob rule.

Yesterday, Inslee mocked a reporter for asking him about Seattle’s lawless zone — he denied it exists and tried to make it sound like it was an absurd question. It’s not and we deserve an answer. Law-abiding citizens who live and work in that area have been overrun with lawlessness — and Inslee has abandoned them.  

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I love you all.