“Tim Eyman has been a one-man wrecking ball in our state, and his latest initiative …”

by | Oct 12, 2015

I’m very proud to work with a heroic team of leaders and supporters who work really hard each year to give the voters a greater voice in their government.  Our tax initiatives are consistently approved by voters because Olympia has shown itself to be completely incapable of restraining itself.  This session, without the 2/3 requirement, the Legislature raised taxes a jaw-dropping $17.5 billion.  In 2010, the Legislature suspended the 2/3 requirement and raised taxes a whopping $6.7 billion.  In 2005, without the 2/3, they raised taxes over $9 billion. 

          Olympia has an insatiable tax appetite.

          So when we work really hard and succeed at qualifying a tax initiative for the ballot — something that is extraordinarily difficult to do — voters know that that initiative is their only opportunity to express their frustration and anger at tax-crazy politicians.

          In Sunday’s Tacoma News Tribune, there was a NO 1366 column.  It’s opening line is hysterical:  “Tim Eyman has been a one-man wrecking ball in our state, and his latest initiative takes his exploits to a whole new level”

          Our opponents are not very bright.  They constantly ignore what the voters have clearly said over the past 22 years and instead spend their time obsessing over lil ol’ me.

          I don’t have any special powers.  I didn’t sign our petitions 350,000 times.  I didn’t vote 1.9 million times for the 2/3 requirement in 2012.  It was an overwhelming number of voters who signed those petitions and voted in favor of making it tougher to raise taxes.  And it is those same voters who are being given the opportunity to vote on Initiative 1366 in November.

         Opponents are going bonkers because they know that almost 2/3 voters support the 2/3.  They know that their plans for a state income tax will be stopped when I-1366 is approved.  They know that when I-1366 passes, it will dramatically illustrate how completely outnumbered their pro-tax voices truly are. 

        Almost 2/3 of voters support making it tougher to raise taxes.  I-1366 gives us the chance to make that policy permanent with a 2/3-for-taxes constitutional amendment. 

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