Tim Turns 55 Tomorrow (Dec 22). Best Birthday Gift? Read This Update

by | Dec 21, 2020

That’s how it looked to me this week. Me in the hot seat wearing a mask, table in front of me with big clear plexiglass hanging from the ceiling. Judge to my right, my inquisitor at the podium, team of prosecutors to the left of the podium, and the court reporter on my left). 

It was brutally stressful.

I was up there getting grilled for 10 hours (2 hours on Tues, 7 hours on Wed, 1 hour Thurs). Here’s my reporting on it: 
https://tinyurl.com/TrialReport1 & https://tinyurl.com/TrialReport2


In response to Richard’s final questions, I made it clear that after the AG’s investigation, litigation, and persecution of me and my family over the past 8 years, the money I’ve received and earned is gone (other than $30,000 in my personal account and $4000 in my legal defense fund).

It’s cost me almost everything I have.

Richard then asked:

Do you want to continue to be a political activist? 


Why? His tone was “why would anyone, after all this, still want to keep doing it?”

I paused quite a long time and tried to compose myself but I was emotional and choked up throughout:

“I feel a tremendous obligation to the thousands of people who have helped me survive this. And if the AG takes me out, who will dare challenge them? I really believe there is a need for the work that we do. And as your Honor probably remembers, because I’ve said this in court before, I’m adopted and both my birth parents were political science majors — so politics is literally in my blood, in my DNA.

It’s what I was born to do.

Because of this whole thing, I’ve lost almost everything I have. Because of that, I may never qualify another initiative for the ballot. But I want to be able to try. I think there are a lot of people who see value in someone who’s willing to try. So why do I want to continue to be a political activist? Because I wanna keep trying to make a difference.”

As you can imagine, it was hard to make it through that.

The judge then asked the AG if he had any more questions for me.

He had just one: Throughout the trial, you’ve had something leaning up against the bottle up there, what is that?

“It’s a picture of me and my daughter on election night when voters passed our $30 Tabs Initiative. In the picture, she’s giving me a look of admiration that any Dad would kill for. Having those pictures in my line of sight throughout this ordeal gave me the strength to get through it.”

Closing arguments will be after Christmas and the judge will issue his decision after that. 

Tomorrow is my birthday — I’m turning 55.

Despite all that’s happened, I feel incredibly lucky. I have an amazing family and thousands of friends and supporters in my corner. My greatest joy in life is fighting these critical battles with all of you. With your continued help, I know we will continue to fight and win for the taxpayers of Washington state.

Is it any wonder that the AG is seeking a lifetime ban on all my future political activity?

really need your help — the massive costs resulting from the AG’s lawsuit are overwhelming. If they take me out, who will dare challenge them? I am so incredibly grateful for your prayers and support during this very difficult time for me and my family.

Please donate to my legal defense fund here: 

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In addition, we worked really hard on our $30 Tabs Initiative.

I love you all.


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