Tim’s Daughter Stands Up For Herself. Riley Eyman And Others Defend Her Compensation

by | Dec 29, 2020

In recent days, the local media has been taking shots at Riley for her work on the Culp for Governor campaign.

An entire section of the story highlighted it:

I asked Chris Gergen, Loren Culp’s campaign manager, about it. He said:

“Riley Eyman earned her compensation. For 3 months, she worked really hard for the campaign and we wanted to reward her for her efforts. Her strength, composure, and humor on stage — always wearing a Culp t-shirt — electrified every event she spoke at. I expect great things from this remarkable young lady in the future.”

In Whatcom County:

Rep. Jim Walsh spoke at many of the same rallies and said: “Political partisans should be ashamed of themselves for mocking a young girl who was paid a small stipend for interning with a political campaign. Those who are attacking Riley should reflect on how they’ve fallen to such a low.”

Riley and I and Jim at Cowlitz County rally:

Rep. Jesse Young commented: “Everyone in politics knows that the hardest work is done in the field. Those who grind it out — like Riley did — are the true warriors earning their way.” 

Jesse, his daughter, me & Riley:

After one of Loren’s rallies, Riley posted this:

One commenter asked her “How are you holding him up?”

Her response:

Yes, she is.

Riley and I spent hours on the road driving to and from each event. During our time together, she insisted that we keep improving our presentation each time. She worked hard both on-stage and off-stage to help Loren’s campaign. The money she received was well earned. Whenever our kids earn money and deposit it in their savings account, Karen and I match it. We’re hopeful that Riley’s earnings will grow enough so that she can afford college when the time comes.  

Here’s Riley’s statement:

“I worked really hard for this. I want to thank Loren and Chris for letting me on the trail with them. I loved doing this with my Dad — it is the best experience I’ve ever had. I met a lot of really nice people.” 

To watch her in action, check out the Pierce County rally (fast forward to the 9:33 mark and watch until the 11:30 mark): 

Isn’t she amazing?


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