Tim’s got another surgery — your thoughts and prayers are appreciated

by | Sep 22, 2016

 Now that I’ve turned 50, it’s clear that my warranty is up.  I’ve been having a heck of a time lately. 

I went under the knife in June and got a plate and 9 screws in my shoulder after a bicycle accident.  A few weeks later, I got a fracture on the ring finger of my left hand.

       And now, one week from tomorrow, I go in for hernia surgery.

       Throughout all these stupid aches and pains, I’ve benefited enormously from emails and notes and phone calls from supporters offering me your best wishes, thoughts, and prayers.  It really means a lot.  
       You are my friends.  You are my family.  And having you in my corner is a great comfort.  Thank you all. 

        Now please pray that on Friday, September 30th that my surgeon’s hands are steady so I don’t get turned into a Eunuch (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eunuch).

       I’m also proud to announce the new total savings (through 2016) for our various tax initiatives: 

Over $35.85 billion in tax savings so far – we’re fighting for taxpayers.

YEAR I-695
$30 Tabs
1% Property
Tax Cap
$30 Tabs
1999 $0 $0 $0
2000 $743 Million $0 $0
2001 $788 Million $0 $0
2002 $834 Million $68 Million $0
2003 $884 Million $130 Million $50 Million
2004 $936 Million $208 Million $51 Million
2005 $990 Million $279 Million $52 Million
2006 $1.047 Billion $374 Million $53 Million
2007 $1.107 Billion $501 Million $54 Million
2008 $1.170 Billion $671 Million $55 Million
2009 $1.236 Billion $897 Million $56 Million
2010 $1.305 Billion $966 Million $57 Million
2011 $1.377 Billion $1.038 Billion $58 Million
2012 $1.450 Billion $1.113 Billion $59 Million
2013 $1.530 Billion $1.191 Billion $60 Million
2014 $1.164 Billion $1.280 Billion $61 Million
2015 $1.703 Billion $1.376 Billion $62 Million
2016 $2.242 Billion $1.387 Billion $63 Million
Totals $22.409 Billion $12.593 Billion $849 Million

Grand Total: $35.85 billion in tax savings so far ! 

       Not that $35 billion isn’t impressive enough, imagine how many tax and fee increases were stopped by our 2/3 initiatives over the years.  I can’t put a number on it, but it’s obvious that taxpayers saved billions and billions more. 

       But without our supporters supporting and qualifying these tax initiatives for the ballot, voters never would have had the chance to pass them. 

        You are the linchpin to our success.

        You can count on us to fight against next year’s tax-hiking insanity.  The voters’ passage of our Initiative 1366 last year certainly shows that the people are in no mood for any tax hikes, let alone increases totaling $3.5 billion.          

        Petitions for “We Love Our Cars” I-869 have been sent out (if you need more, just email or call).  Our polling shows it’s another big winner.  Please help us make it a reality.

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© 2020 Permanent Offense