Today I’m traveling to Yakima’s fair for $30 Tabs Rally at GOP booth

by | Sep 29, 2017

It’s my hometown so today will be very special for me.

I’m traveling to Yakima’s Central WA State Fair to join activists at the GOP booth to Rally for $30 Tabs. I’ll be there from 1-7pm to collect signatures, distribute petitions, recognize the Yakima GOP for their tremendous efforts at the fair filling petitions, and thank in person supporters and voters for their help and assistance for our efforts over the years.

Our previous two car tab tax initiatives have saved taxpayers over $23 billion over the past 18 years. But car tab taxes are skyrocketing again because state and local governments are jacking them back up. Our $30 Tabs Initiative takes vehicle licensing charges back to a fair, flat $30. $30 means $30. We’ve said it twice — we gotta say it a third time.

Join me today at the booth as I award Yakima GOP Chair Benine McDonnell with a uber-orange $30 Tabs t-shirt for hitting 1000+ signatures.

Join me today at 2 pm at the booth where superstar Bill Lover, a Yakima city councilman, will officially endorse our $30 Tabs Initiative.

Benine and other GOP activists are doing an amazing job at community fairs throughout the state promoting our $30 Tabs Initiative and I’m enormously grateful for their efforts.
So many of us are working non-stop to get our $30 Tabs Initiative over the finish line before the end of December deadline. But we can’t do it alone — we need everyone’s help.