Today Is Last Day Of The Month (4/30), I Urge You Give To My Gov Campaign & Anti-Inslee Lawsuit

by | Apr 30, 2020

Today is last day of the month (4/30), so I’m urging everyone to give to:

(1) The anti-Inslee lawsuit (, and

(2) My campaign for Governor (

We are BY FAR the hardest working campaign.


Candidates normally just give speeches and tell you what they would do if elected.

Instead of speeches, our campaign prefers action.

Instead of promises, we’re producing results now.

Here’s some examples: 

* Stood up to Inslee when he refused to implement our $30 Tabs:

* Fought back in court when AG Bob Ferguson was sabotaging our $30 Tabs:

* Thanks to attorney Stephen Pidgeon and Clint Didier, the judge reversed himself and upheld Initiative 976:

* Joined with the #LetUsFish folks in Richland and Spokane and Seattle — and THE NEXT DAY Inslee reversed himself on recreational fishing.

* Led the charge in Bellingham and Edmonds to defend our 2nd Amendment rights (and the Edmonds mayor reversed himself days later). 

* Launched the PROTECT OUR KIDS’ INNOCENCE initiative to overturn Inslee’s horrible comprehensive sex ed for kids law. It’s available to concerned parents, kids, and teachers in case Referendum 90 doesn’t get enough signatures by the June 10th deadline.

* Led the charge against Seattle Socialist Kshama Sawant and her new head tax.

* When Inslee released 1,100 criminals and the supreme court was considering releasing 11,000 more, it was important to be there and highlight the heroism of Fred Binschus, Tonya Fenton, & Tricia Woods 

Later that day, the supreme court ruled 5-4 to keep the criminals locked up (thanks to Fred, Tonya, & Trisha).

If we can accomplish this much as a candidate, imagine how much we’ll be able to do for the people as Governor.

We deserve better. We can do so much better. 


1) Please donate $30 to my run for Governor.

2) – I shouldn’t be asking folks to give to anything other than my campaign for Governor, but Jay Inslee’s ESSENTIAL versus NON-ESSENTIAL crap is just too important.

2) Follow my governor campaign on Facebook here. Contact people you know who can’t stand the idea of 4 more years of Jay Inslee. Ask them to kick in $30. You are my ambassadors, you are my emissaries. We’re building an extraordinary team and we need everyone’s help to make sure this campaign a success.

To beat Jay Inslee, we need a battle-tested warrior. If you agree, then donate $30 today ( and convince others to do the same.

I make you this promise: support me in this effort and I’ll give you a race for Governor like you’ve never seen before.

I love you all.