TODAY: lawsuit challenging Inslee mask mandate.

by | Jun 29, 2020

My campaign for Governor is pedal-to-the-metal. I believe in permanent offense.
TODAY: lawsuit challenging Inslee mask mandate.
TUES: defending $30 Tabs in high court.
WED: hitting Inslee on huge national issue.

The South Dakota Governor didn’t shut down her state — she didn’t go with fines, jail time, mandates, or dictates. She didn’t send in SWAT teams or the AG. She’s not requiring citizens to wear masks. She’s relying on the common sense and personal responsibility of “South Dakotans.” She’s handling things like I would in a situation like this: treat citizens like adults, give them information, advise them, persuade them if necessary, and trust them.

And what’s been the result of her approach: better citizen compliance, better outcomes, and a better relationship between the citizens and their Governor.

And how have South Dakotans’ responded to their Governor’s approach: they threw her a parade.

Nobody feels like throwing Jay Inslee a parade.

First off, he’s a hypocrite because his mask mandate has a First Amendment exemption for Jay Inslee (WATCH this very short video):

This is so typical of Inslee:

* parks closed to us, not to him
* haircuts banned for us, not to him.

* SWAT teams sent in to crack skulls on law-abiding small business owners while he allows rioting, armed occupation, and blatant lawlessness in Seattle.



TODAY is new lawsuit challenging Inslee’s mask mandate (in Thurston County Superior Court, we sue Inslee and Weismann — a full blown press conference with all the plaintiffs will be held this week). After our successful lawsuit forcing Inslee to open public and private schools in the fall (and not January), it’s critical that Inslee’s mask mandate and other executive power overreaches get challenged too.

Inslee is completely out-of-control. Just this past Friday, the most liberal judge in Thurston County — Carol Murphy — ruled that Inslee exceeded his authority when he vetoed parts of the transportation budget last year ( 

When I’m Governor, all this executive power overreach ends. There must be checks-and-balances on all branches of government, especially the executive branch.

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TUESDAY (RALLY FOR $30 TABS 8-930AM, SUPREME COURT HEARING 9:30-10AM): this has been a 22 year tug-of-war for me. I’m asking everyone to join me tomorrow for this latest “tug”.

I sponsored Initiative 695 in 1999, Initiative 776 in 2002, and Initiative 976 in 2019. They all qualified and voters overwhelmingly approved them.

I-976 is the first time a King County judge ruled a $30 Tabs Initiative constitutional. So this time, during this appeal, the supremes are reviewing an Eyman initiative upheld by an uber-liberal, Jay-Inslee-appointed, conflicted King County judge. He ruled the initiative’s provisions were all germane to lowering vehicle costs and he ruled the voters weren’t confused because the initiative’s ballot title and voters pamphlet gave voters plenty of notice.

We’re all grateful to superstar attorney Stephen Pidgeon for overcoming the AG’s sabotage and saving the day by securing a positive ruling on I-976.

Regardless of the supremes ruling, elect me Governor and you’ll pay $30 for vehicle tabs and not a penny more. 

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WEDNESDAY (press conference at 1pm in south Seattle): I am going to tackle one of the worst betrayals of the public trust Jay Inslee committed in his 8 years as Governor.

It’s a national issue and it will be a central point of contention between us in the fall campaign. I will release more details and the location of the press conference tomorrow.

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I’m gonna talk about all of this TONIGHT (Mon, June 29) at 7PM on Facebook live — make sure to watch it (here’s the link: Make sure to watch it tonight (starting at 7PM:

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I make you this promise: support me in this effort and I’ll give you a race for Governor like you’ve never seen before.

I love you all.