Today, Mon, 11am, Sec Of State’s Office. Governor Tim Eyman For WA State. I Love You All.

by | Nov 25, 2019

I’ll be at the Secretary of State’s office in the Capitol Dome today at 11am to officially launch the campaign: Governor Tim Eyman For Washington State – – #AllInOnTim. I’ll be filing the necessary paperwork and talking about this historic effort.

A team of extraordinary people have quickly come together to help make this happen. I am completely overwhelmed by the outpouring of support we’re getting. It’s incredibly encouraging.

Why are voters flocking to this effort? Because voters overwhelmingly voted for $30 tabs initiatives and 2/3-for-taxes initiatives and the government that’s supposed to serve them, sues them. And the politicians who are supposed to represent us, overrule us. The political system is rigged, broken, and insulated.

Millions of voters have passed these common sense initiatives only to have their decisions disrespected and outright ignored. Why do I even vote is a question that’s being asked far too often.    

Too many voters have no voice, no representation, no belief anymore that their vote counts. Right in front of our eyes is the destruction of democracy. 

For 21 years voters have embraced the ideas, proposals, and reforms that are presented to them by our initiatives. Amazingly, thanks to tens of thousands of heroic supporters, we’ve let the voters vote on 17 initiatives. Of those, voters have approved 11. But all 17 were wins because we let the voters decide. We’ve accomplished a lot. But you can’t fix this broken system from the outside.

And it can’t be fixed by giving 4 more years to more of the same. 

The establishment is freaking out because they’re hit me with everything they had and I’m not only still here, but stronger than ever. They now know there are millions of voters who’ve shown themselves to be independent, discerning, and unwilling to succumb to their threats, lies, and scare tactics. 

They’re scared and they’re lashing out because they’re starting to realize they can’t control millions of voters who want their voices heard.

I’m motivated to do this by the support I’m getting from voters across Washington. But I must admit, I’m even more energized by the Seattle Democrats who, after learning that I will veto ANY tax increase as Governor, put out a statement about my candidacy (see below). And yes, I’m incredibly honored to be skewered by Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist David Horsey of the Seattle Times who wrote about it too (see below). And it’s hard not to smile when I hear Charles Mudede of the Stranger on KUOW’s Week In Review say that he’s “terrified.”

Why are they so worried? Why are they so scared? Because the voters will decide. And the voters are sick and tired of being mocked, ignored, and talked down to. The voters will decide if they want 4 more years of Seattle’s current Governor:

Or if they want a Governor who will make sure the voters’ voice is heard in Olympia.  

I make you this promise: support me in this effort and I’ll give you a race for governor like you’ve never seen before.

I love you all.


Later today, the “Governor Tim Eyman for Washington State” political action committee will be filed (so you can begin mailing checks there now: Governor Tim Eyman for Washington State, PO Box 6151, Olympia, WA, 98503).
Facebook: Governor Tim Eyman for Washington State

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Eyman dreams of top job in Olympia

By David Horsey, Seattle Times Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist and opinion writer,

Just when you thought politics could not get any weirder, the godfather of state initiatives, Tim Eyman, has declared his intention to run for governor of Washington.

Eyman has been a perpetual nuisance to the political establishment for decades, running anti-tax, anti-government ballot measures that appeal to angry, alienated and often misled voters. 

His record of victories is spotty, but, always, he has a good payday. Currently, he is facing accusations of mishandling hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations, enriching himself in the process.

Despite his legal and ethical issues, Eyman has maintained a fervent base of support in the state that could give him a big advantage over the suburban legislator, the small-town police chief and the real estate developer who have said they are seeking the GOP gubernatorial nomination. They are unknowns in most parts of the state, while Eyman is a household name in every county. In a party now dominated by President Donald Trump fans who don’t mind backing a con man if he speaks their language, Eyman may well be an instant front-runner.

If nothing else, Eyman’s entry into the governor’s race enlivens a campaign that looked as if it would be an easy stroll to victory for Gov. Jay Inslee who, after abandoning his presidential campaign, has chosen to seek a third term. It seems highly unlikely that Eyman could actually beat Inslee in a state that has not elected a Republican governor since 1980 and in an election year when the anti-Trump vote will be coming out in force. Still, if there were sure bets in politics, Hillary Clinton would be president.

So, if you are a Democrat, just imagine waking up the morning after Election Day in 2020 and realizing that, not only has Trump been reelected, but Tim Eyman is your new governor. I believe that’s what is called a nightmare scenario.

WA State Democratic Party’s Statement on Eyman’s Gubernatorial Race Announcement 

Tim Eyman has announced his plans to file to be a candidate for the gubernatorial race. We know who Tim Eyman really is. He is a crook, a liar, and a grifter whose record of malfeasance includes everything from petty theft to defrauding campaign donors and taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in kickbacks. He is unfit to run our state or manage our tax dollars. Our state deserves much better than a habitual liar and cheat. Go ahead Eyman, consider that run for Governor of Washington – Washington Democrats are ready to expose you for who you really are!

At Seattle’s Sound Transit mtg today, I announced my run for Governor against Seattle’s Governor Jay Inslee:

Seattle’s Governor Jay Inslee lied 29 times and his 29 lies cost taxpayers $50.6 billion:

Our track record on initiatives: 17 wins, 0 losses, $43 billion+ in tax savings, more to come:

There will NEVER be a carbon tax, income tax, or pay-per-mile tax as long as I’m in office.

I love you all.


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