TODAY’S SEATTLE TIMES: Eyman to blame for ferry woes

by | Aug 21, 2014

“So many of the woes facing this state are related to Eyman and the non-thinking people who voted for his initiatives.”       

        It’s amazing how powerful I am.  

        I can collapse a bridge in Skagit county (

        I can pass an anti-initiative bill in the state house by NOT showing up at a public hearing (Republicans who voted for it blamed me for their vote because I hadn’t testified). 

        Last month, after Seattle voters passed a tax increase, the mayor of Seattle proclaimed:  “We will turn back years of Tim Eyman destabilizing our funding.”   

       A few years ago, I was anointed Governor:  “Meet Governor Eyman” 

        Which prompted my successor as Governor to declare:  “It’s time,” Inslee said, “to say no to Tim Eyman.  It’s time for Tim Eyman to stop running this state.”

        And now I am the destroyer of the state ferries (TODAY’S SEATTLE TIMES:  “Eyman to blame for ferry woes” 

        I used to be mortal, but that was over a decade ago.  I have since taken on tremendous powers. 

        So I encourage all of you to donate today or else I may turn my wrath on you.  : )