Tomorrow, Thurs, 1:30 pm, Olympia, Temple of Justice, oral arguments before state supreme court on 940 case (Eyman v Wyman)

by | Jun 27, 2018

Tomorrow, Thursday, June 28, 1:30 pm, there will be oral arguments before the 9 justices of the state supreme court on the Initiative 940 case ( Eyman v Wyman ). Hearing will be held in the Temple of Justice which is just north of the Capitol Dome in Olympia.
On April 20, Thurston County Judge Christine Schaller ordered the Secretary of State to put Initiative 940 on the November ballot. Our appeal asks the supreme court to put BOTH Initiative 940 and the Legislature’s modified version of it (940B) on the November ballot. Our intent all along has been to let the voters decide between the original initiative and the legislature’s alternative.
Here’s our “closing argument” in our final brief which was filed with the court on May 31.
With any initiative to the legislature, the Constitution gives the Legislature 3 options. My attorney Joel Ard and attorney David DeWolf have done an absolutely brilliant job highlighting the absurdity of the Legislature’s manufactured 4 th option with regard to Initiative 940. The state Constitution clearly says that unless the Legislature adopts the initiative “without change or amendment,” then the unaltered initiative must appear on the November ballot. The 2018 Legislature specifically and purposely changed Initiative 940, then adopted it, and then blocked voters from voting on it. That’s not allowed. If they get away with such chicanery this time, there’s nothing to stop them from sabotaging any future initiative to the legislature (such as our current $30 Tabs Initiative 976). And our appeal does not seek to cut the Legislature out of the process, instead it asks the supreme court to order the Secretary of State to follow the Constitution and put the Legislature’s preferred alternative (HB 3003) on the ballot so voters can choose between them.
The initiative process is about giving the voters the chance to decide – with Initiative 940, the Legislature made the decision for us. The Constitution prevents that.

See you on Thursday.

As I highlighted in a previous post, my son Jeremy just graduated from Kamiak High School.

Here’s what he wanted as a graduation gift:

My 10 year old daughter Riley and wife Karen were there too which made it really special:

What does this have to do with politics? Not a thing. Just a family thing.

As for $30 tabs, the people are clearly on our side:
But getting 350,000 signatures is really tough. That’s why I sold off my family’s retirement fund and loaned the campaign $500,000. I did that because I believe in this and want this effort to succeed.
But my $500K isn’t enough. We need your help too. I implore you to make a donation right away.


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