Unanimous supreme court ruling protects future initiatives from Legislature’s “novel” 4th option (so says Eyman’s crystal ball)

by | Jun 29, 2018

My attorney Joel Ard told me that I couldn’t wear my orange $30 tabs t-shirt in court.

I assured him I wouldn’t:

Joel did a masterful job:

Before the hearing, we had dueling press conferences on the court steps (can someone plz order me some Spray-On Hair?):

And here’s a very thorough news story about it:

Countless people say: “I’ve given up on this supreme court.”

It’s that sentiment that’s going to make their unanimous ruling in August that much more gratifying.

What the Legislature did was so egregious and so unprecedented (they call it “novel”) that even this supreme court will never accept it. And their decision is going to be unanimous.

During oral arguments, one of the justices asked the Attorney General who was defending the Legislature’s chicanery: if the Legislature can do this, “why would anyone ever do an initiative to the legislature again?”

The Constitution prohibits the Legislature from amending an initiative to the Legislature. This year’s Legislature passed into law a measure to change Initiative 940, then they passed Initiative 940 knowing they’d just changed it, and then they blocked the people from voting on it.

They didn’t just bend the Constitution, they snapped it in half.

The voters will vote on this in November.

As fellow activist Glen Morgan wrote after we won in lower court, this will be the first initiative I’ve ever gotten on the ballot without collecting a single signature. 😊

And winning this case lays out the red carpet for our $30 Tabs Initiative because it also is an initiative to the legislature.

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