UNPRECEDENTED: State GOP Schedules Expedited Vote And Unanimously Endorses I-1648!!

by | Jun 12, 2019

In two decades of doing initiatives, I’ve never seen anything like this.

8 days ago, super heroes Cary Condotta and Mike McKee asked the State GOP to endorse I-1648.

The process normally takes months.

Instead, 3 days later, the resolutions committee chair Randy Hayden scheduled a conference call and passed it unanimously. Then, 4 days later, Caleb Heimlich scheduled an expedited meeting among the Party’s 24-member executive committee. Last night, they unanimously voted to suspend the rules and take up the endorsement. And then every single one of them voted to endorse Initiative 1648 and the signature drive for it.

This never happens.

It just shows you how much unified opposition there is to the $27 billion in new taxes imposed by this year’s Legislature. It illustrates how much unified support there is to fighting back against this kind of tax insanity. 

So now we have the State GOP and all 39 county organizations breathing fire for 1648.

And then there’s Mike and Cary’s team. 2 weeks ago they launched their Facebook page (Washington for I1648) asking people to join who were 1000% committed to getting the needed sigs (320K) by the turn-in deadline (July 5).

They hoped to get 300 members.

They hit 3000 in 3 days!!

A day later, it was 4k. And then 5k and then 6k.

Now, after just 2 weeks, they’ve got 6900 superheroes (and climbing!!!). On their page, they have a map showing 100’s of small businesses across Washington with petitions on their counters.     

And then there’s all of you.

$27 billion in new taxes has spurred the biggest grassroots signature drive in state history. We’ve got 24 days left to get this done. 

Don’t you want to put those dirty dogs in Olympia on a short leash?