VICTORY IN COURT TODAY: AG Bob Ferguson exposed (again) as saboteur of I-976. Here’s my report on today’s hearing in Thurston County Superior Court.

by | Jan 31, 2020

When it comes to defending I-976, Bob Ferguson has purposely sabotaged the King County case (didn’t file for change of venue, didn’t affidavit this Jay-Inslee-appointed judge, didn’t do motion for reconsideration, wrote the ballot title the judge took issue with, and when asked during oral argument what section 12 of I-976 did, the AG’s answer was “I don’t know”).

The AG’s sabotage was so infuriating that I stood up in that King County courtroom and offered to answer the judge’s unanswered questions (despite a polite exchange, he didn’t let me):

Afterwards, I expressed my displeasure with the AG’s blatant sabotage:

Recognizing the absurdity of the kangaroo court in King County, I filed a separate lawsuit in Thurston County Superior Court.


Here’s our team this morning (Sid, Josh, & Carol):

The crux of this morning’s discussion in court was this:

Is Bob Ferguson sabotaging I-976 — in other words, does he really want to win?

Or, as I put it in my opening statement:

“The issue of justiciability is important, there has to be a conflict between two parties. And I think that there is a conflict here. There is the sponsor of the initiative, somebody who helped back the initiative, somebody who is indirectly representing voters and who genuinely wants to have this initiative upheld.

“On the other side, we have the Attorney General’s office that is legally defending the exact same tax and the exact same valuation schedule that is being repealed by this initiative.

“So we really wanna win, the other side really doesn’t.” 

I also talked about the frustration that voters are feeling about this:

“There is a tremendous number of voters in the state of Washington that are wondering whether or not voting even matters anymore if you’re doing a measure that actually limits government power.

“There’s a belief and a level of cynicism where we feel like if the initiative is a liberal initiative it will be treated one way by the courts and if it’s a conservative initiative it will be treated differently. And that level of cynicism is not just out of whole cloth. It’s just from 20 years of experience. And the hope is — and that’s what the lawsuit is all about is the hope is that you can disprove that by simply giving your opinion on this measure.”

This is a taboo topic — it’s something that never gets talked about in open court — but I felt it was important to tackle it openly and directly.

I also highlighted how absurd it is for this King County judge (and Jay Inslee) to claim voters were “confused”:

“And the idea that there’s a judge who thinks it’s possible there was a voter that was confused by the ballot measure just defies common sense … you’d have to have roughly 59,000 people sign a sworn declaration that said ‘we voted yes, we were confused, and if we had just known the truth we would have voted differently’.

“59,000 people. They haven’t even shown us one.”

I made all these points and more during that 30 minute hearing.

The AG walked up to the podium, mumbled they’re required to defend I-976, said they were doing so, and then sat down.

After listening to both sides, the judge ruled that there was no evidence that the AG was sabotaging the case:

* Them not filing for change of venue? Fine.
* Them not doing affidavit on the judge? OK.
* Them not doing motion for reconsideration? Judgement call.
* The AG’s legal brief? Adequate.

He didn’t see any indication of “a lack of desire to win” so he dismissed the case. He believed the AG is trying to win. I think he’s the only one.

Read more here:

So why do I feel this is a victory?

Because Bob Ferguson was once again exposed as a saboteur of I-976.

Which means it was a worthy effort (I will appeal it).

I was so pleased to be joined by 20-25 great people who traveled to Olympia to watch the proceeding and support our vote for I-976. In the hallway after the hearing, they gave me a round of applause. It was really great. We talked, laughed, hugged, and got pictures together.

The Tacoma News Tribune wrote: After the hearing, one man handed Eyman a check for his campaign for governor and Shelton resident Bill Wells gave Eyman a $100 bill. … “His candidacy for governor is going to take an enormous leap up because he’s our spokesman. He’s our champion,” Wells said.

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I love you all.


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