VIDEO: Eyman rakes Sound Transit Industrial Complex at judicial hearing in Kent

by | Sep 27, 2017

In Kent yesterday was a work session by the Senate Judiciary committee. The topic: did Sound Transit mislead legislators and voters on ST3? Chairman Mike Padden (R-Spokane) invited me to testify.

Here’s how it looked in the room:

And here’s me during the testimony:

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It’s maddening, I think, to the average voter to be listening to legislators asking (Sound Transit’s lawyer) Desmond Brown about his bill and how he drafted it — when the role of legislators is to draft legislation, not special interest groups.

And for people supportive of their side (Democrats at the hearing) throwing them life preservers trying to let them em off the hook. “No, you meant to do that.” “No this is OK.”

I think that’s just a pathetic cover-up. And what we have here is a really dangerous situation where the people who are getting the money are drafting the legislation. And because the people that are getting the money have every incentive to mislead the people and the Legislature to get $54 billion they won’t be able to get any other way is extremely dangerous.

But I think that, again, this hearing is doing a very positive thing by putting a spotlight on it, and by giving legislators a chance to question the special interest group that drafted the legislation that eventually passed.

And for a change, looking back on it and saying “Wait a minute here, what the heck happened? Were people deceived? Were people misled?”

And that’s all I hear people saying whenever I’m out talking about this issue. That’s all they talk about is how they feel deceived, they feel misled, they feel that they were let down.

And I think it’s extremely dangerous when that happens and we just say “Well, you just didn’t read the fine print. It’s your own fault.”

It was your fine print, you drafted it. You drafted it in a way to make sure the people didn’t know what they were actually voting on.

So I appreciate very much you letting me testify on this topic.

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I’d really appreciate your feedback on that.

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