Vote against the 2 tax increases passed by the Legislature this November

by | Aug 20, 2014

Nearly 2/3 of voters in 2012 passed our Initiative 1185.  It got 1.9 million votes, more than any initiative in state history.  That overwhelming vote has done a phenomenal job of keeping Olympia on a short leash when it comes to raising taxes.

         This session, they imposed 2 tax increases.  Thanks to I-1185’s renewal of the advisory vote requirement, we get to vote on both of those tax hikes in November.  Admittedly, they’re both relatively small.  But lawmakers will be looking at the results of those 2 votes to see how the public is reacting to their tax increases.

         If voters approve them, then politicians will take that as a signal that voters don’t mind higher taxes. 

         We encourage you to reject both of them. 

         Here’s the details on Advisory Vote #8 and #9 (click on the links on the lower left hand corner of the page):

           Thank you for making our Initiative 1185 a reality and giving voters the chance to vote on any tax increase.