Watch 2 minute video of Eyman ripping “cap and tax” bill in Olympia yesterday

by | May 15, 2015

It’s been a busy week. 

        On Thursday, I drove from Mukilteo to Olympia for a 1:00 pm hearing on the Democrats’ and Governor Jay Inslee’s “cap and trade” bill. 

         Here’s the 2 minute YouTube video of my testimony — click on this link to watch it:

          In case you can’t watch that video, here’s the statement I was reading from:

On Friday, the state’s budget office reported that this ridiculously complex bill is a massive $14.1 billion tax increase.

That is a crazy high tax hike.

Last November, voters in Washington and across the country sent a very clear do-not-raise-our-taxes message.  Fiscal restraint and fiscal responsibility were what the voters demanded.

Where in the 2014 tea leaves are elected officials reading public support for a $14 billion tax increase?

There simply is none.

Nonetheless, here we are discussing and debating and seriously considering a family-budget-busting, state-economy-crushing tax hike. It is absolutely nuts.

Governor Inslee’s cap and tax bill was on last November’s ballot. And voters repudiated it.

Backed by California billionaire Tom Steyer, Governor Inslee’s cap and tax proposal was a central issue in the 45th district race. But it was Republican Andy Hill who won.

The cap and tax bill was pivotal in the 42nd district race. But it was Republican Doug Ericksen who won.

The cap and tax bill was a pivotal in the 6th district race. But it was Republican Mike Baumgartner who won.

There is no public support for raising taxes on anyone, especially when the state has more than $3 billion more to spend.

What is most objectionable about this bill is it raises taxes on some and reduces taxes on others. Biblically, it’s called “Robbing Peter to pay Paul.”

And it’s totally inconsistent: if the government is raising taxes because they say they need more money, why are they reducing taxes on other people?

It’s done to get taxpayers pitted against one another. To get people envious of one another.

It’s divisive and unseemly.

But it’s the game that we see all the time in Olympia: divide and conquer.  In this case, HB 1314 includes the “Peninsula payoff” and it is politics at its worse.  Taking from some and giving to others:  it’s worse than a tax increase.

For 11 legislative sessions, cap and trade legislation failed to gain the necessary votes.  Let’s make it a dozen.  Please reject this bill.

— END —

          That was on Thursday. 

          The day before, on Wednesday, I also drove to and from Olympia.  That was to testify against the new capital gains tax.  Here’s the 2 minute YouTube video of that testimony — click on this link to watch it:

          Twice this week, I traveled to Olympia to testify for 2 minutes on 2 different bills that will radically raise our taxes.

          But really, the only effective way to fight back against this tax-hiking insanity is by helping us get the 2/3-For-Taxes Constitutional Amendment Initiative on the ballot.  Voters clearly need permanent protection from Olympia’s insatiable tax appetite.

           Success is the only option with the signature drive for I-1366.  Please help us make it happen.