WATCH ME ON FACEBOOK LIVE TONIGHT 6PM — lots to talk about. Inslee imposed $2 billion in higher taxes this session. So he took $52.1 billion from us.

by | Jul 17, 2020

Thanks to voters passing my Initiatives 960, 1053, and 1185, the Attorney General is mandated to review all the laws imposed by the Governor after each legislative session. And if he’s raised taxes, the AG must notify the Secretary of State and each tax hike must be put to a public vote and appear on the November ballot.

The AG office completed their review this week and reported 4 tax increases were imposed by Inslee. The state budget office has already determined these 4 tax increases will cost taxpayers $2,002,000,000.


Tax Advisory Vote #32 — $32,400,000. (Higher sales taxes on plastic bags)
Tax Advisory Vote #33 — $102,700,000 (taxes imposed on heavy equipment rental property)
Tax Advisory Vote #34 — $842,900,000 (new business taxes)
Tax Advisory Vote #35 — $1,024,000,000 (higher business taxes imposed on aerospace jobs)

In my voters pamphlet statement, I slammed Inslee for raising taxes: “Imagine if Jay Inslee hadn’t betrayed voters by breaking his campaign promises to veto taxes, raising them 30 times instead. … I’ve saved the people of Washington $43 Billion, while Inslee’s 30 tax increases cost citizens $50 Billion.” (

But now we know the actual number is higher: he raised taxes 34 times!!

And his 34 betrayals cost taxpayers $52.1 billion!!

Those 4 tax increases will be voted on by the people in November.

And those 4 public votes on those 4 tax increases will be done BEFORE voters vote in the Governor’s race!!!!

That is a HUGE advantage because it will illustrate to voters how costly Inslee has been to their pocketbooks right before they decide who to vote for in the Governor’s race.

Again, in my voters pamphlet statement, I slam Inslee for raising taxes. The other Governor candidates were nice and polite and never mention Inslee – NOT EVEN ONCE.

When it comes to the video voters guide, the other guys were nice and polite and never say anything negative about Inslee — I slam him repeatedly:

I’m the only candidate running against Inslee:

1) Who will beat him in November

2) Who believes in Mosh Pit Politics ( )

3) Who has already delivered conservative victories prior to running (lowering car tabs, capping property taxes, limiting affirmative action, stopping tax increases, organizing lawsuit to stop Initiative 1639, ending red-light ticketing cameras, shrinking the size of the King County Council from 13 members to nine)

4) Who has scored conservative victories while running (lawsuit forced Inslee to open schools in the fall, lawsuit challenging Inslee’s Mask Mandate, lawsuit challenging Inslee’s firing over a million people saying they were NON-ESSENTIAL, #LetUsFish rallies forced Inslee to open up fishing & hunting, in-your-face activism forced Bellingham ham and Edmonds to reverse their attacks on the 2nd Amendment, organized ballot measure reversing Inslee’s horrible Sex Ed for Kids law, organized local SeaTac initiative to reverse Inslee’s Facial Recognition Tracking.

5) Who took on Inslee over $30 Tabs

6) Who took on the AG

7) Who took on Socialist Kshama Sawant

8) Who took on the rioters and anarchists in Seattle’s Lawless Zone

9) Who hasn’t made the rookie mistake of attacking the other candidates

10) Who proposes a ONE-LOCATION-CELEBRATION for primary night for all the candidates

11) Who has the dinosaur skin and laser-beam focus to beat Inslee in November

12) Who has a track record of running statewide campaigns (17 of them) and winning (11 of them) while under constant attack

13) Who has the strength to fix Washington’s broken system

14) Who has the endurance, persistence, and resilience to drain the swamp in Olympia.


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I love you all.