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by | Jun 13, 2020

WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO: help us air it on TV and social media across the state — watch me on Facebook Live @ 6pm tonight, Sat, June 13. I’ll update you on our HUGE victory with our OPEN SCHOOLS LAWSUIT, update you on $30 Tabs litigation, and more about me confronting the mob in Inslee’s Lawless Zone he says doesn’t exist.

WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO (Jay Inslee denies it exists)

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I was there.

Inslee’s allies call it a block party, a music festival, a farmers market.

It’s not. 

They say it’s peaceful — but only if you agree with them.

They say it’s safe — but only if you don’t confront them.

The occupiers have demands — hostage-takers always do.

Jay Inslee’s response? He denies their existence.

There isn’t a single public policy challenge in Washington where Jay Inslee’s response (or lack of it) made it worse:

* COVID-19: instead of focusing on helping the elderly in nursing homes, he shut down the economy by declaring his donors essential and everyone else non-essential, tanking tax revenues, leaving billions less for government services.
* Suicides, drug overdoses, delayed medical treatments — way up
* Homelessness — more than ever
* Crime — he released 1000 criminals from prison (almost 11k more, including the Green River Killer)
* Rioting — he sent in the National Guard UNARMED.
* Education — he shut down the schools and told kids their grades wouldn’t go down — now 80% of kids aren’t even participating in online instruction.
* Unemployment — he fired over 1 MILLION people he said were non-essential
* Unemployment payments — he sent Nigerian princes $1 BILLION but single moms are still waiting
* After repeatedly promising to veto tax increases, he raised them 30 times costing us $50 billion+
* Blocked our $30 Tabs because he said we were confused.

WATCH ME on Facebook Live @ 6pm tonight, Sat, June 13 ( I’ll be updating everyone on our OPEN SCHOOLS LAWSUIT (big victory), on the $30 Tabs litigation (we won in King County and June 30 the appeal is heard), and I will talk more about my confrontation with the mob inside Inslee’s Lawless Zone which he says doesn’t exist. You don’t want to miss this.

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I love you all.