WATCH VIDEO: Eyman in Olympia testifying against Democrats’ income tax scheme

by | Apr 4, 2017

Another 4 am departure from Mukilteo for another early morning hearing in Olympia.  Horrible traffic, tons of delays, all that just so I could speak for 2 minutes (is it any wonder that normal people don’t do this?).

          Here is video of my testimony yesterday against the Democrats’ income tax schemes and other tax increases:  

        For those who can’t watch, here’s what I said:

“My name is Tim Eyman from Mukilteo.

“Taxpayers are under siege this year more than any other time in our state’s history.  Artificially inflated car tab taxes.  Sales taxes that have been radically increased.  Property taxes that are sky-high.

“But rather than compassion for the taxpayers, Democrats are pouring salt on the wound and pouring gasoline on the fire with a massive new income tax and other taxes with House Bill 2186.  On Friday, the governor’s budget office confirmed that this bill will cost taxpayers $23.1 billion.  That is 23 billion dollars ON TOP OF higher car tabs, sales taxes, and property taxes imposed by Sound Transit’s $54 billion tax grab.

“This is a horrible, horrible time to be targeting taxpayers with tax hikes.

“In 2010, the Democrats imposed $667 million in tax increases and that caused a huge tax revolt.  Voters rejected those increases, they rejected an income tax initiative, they passed one of our 2/3 initiatives, and they voted out scores of swing district Democrats.

“$23 billion in higher taxes is a whole lot more than $667 million.

“And our initiatives have shown at the ballot box that 2/3 of voters reject the idea of you guys raising taxes.  And even if voters were in the mood for higher taxes, Sound Transit has just sucked all the oxygen out of the room.  There’s just nothing left for anything else.  Taxpayers are just tapped out.

“And so I just want to, my final thought is this:  after 6 votes of the people for our various 2/3 initiatives making it tougher to raise taxes, I’m very grateful that the Senate’s Majority Coalition Caucus has imposed a 2/3 vote requirement over there for any bill that raises taxes.  Because bills like this really illustrate why that is necessary.  Thank you.”

      It helps a lot when I get feedback from supporters — let me know if my testimony is in line with your thinking.  

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