WATCH VIDEO: Eyman tears into Sound Transit’s board over inflated car tab taxes

by | Mar 24, 2017

 Wearing jeans and a $30 car tabs t-shirt and carrying an Initiative 695 campaign sign, here’s the testimony I gave yesterday to the Sound Transit Board:

        If you can’t watch the video, here’s my testimony:

“I’m Tim Eyman from Mukilteo. Sound Transit is ripping us off.  And you know it.  And you’re doing nothing about it.  Worse, you‘re blocking efforts to fix it. 

“It’s maddening.  It’s infuriating.


“And this isn’t going to go away by all of you saying ‘We have to rip off the taxpayers because if we treated them fairly and taxed their vehicles honestly, we’d lose 6 billion dollars.’


“That’s a pathetic excuse.  Saying a $10,000 vehicle is worth $21,000 is fraud.


“Initiatives succeed when politicians don’t listen and respond to public outrage. 

“Here is a Initiative 695 sign that I found in my garage from 1999.  At the bottom of it, it says ‘Because politicians will NEVER limit taxes.’  Here we are 17 years later and Sound Transit is proving that that hasn’t changed.


“I firmly believe there never would of been a 695 if Sound Transit and other governments had taxed vehicles at what they’re actually worth.


“Representative Harmsworth and Senator Rossi are pushing a common sense bill to tax vehicles at what they’re actually worth.  And that makes sense.


“Voters twice repealed this unfair, dishonest vehicle valuation schedule.  But like a zombie on Walking Dead, artificially inflated car tab taxes keep plodding forward, terrorizing taxpayers with Sound Transit’s blessing.


“Do you represent the taxpayers or only the people that are gonna get the money? Only avarice and greed can explain Sound Transit knowingly ripping off taxpayers and blocking real reform efforts.

“The bills that give rebates are an absolute embarrassment.  Throwing crumbs at the peasants is not an answer.  Rather than taking money you shouldn’t take and then giving back a couple of bucks, how ’bout you just not take the money immorally in the first place?

“The current car tabs revolt is only gonna grow.  Every month, hundreds of thousands of vehicle owners are gonna get their car tab renewal bill in the mail and the current outrage is only going to intensify.

At this point, I was done with my prepared remarks but saw that I had 30 seconds to go so this part was off the top of my head:


“If you’re going to immorally take $6 billion from the taxpayers due to a dishonest, artificially inflated vehicle valuation schedule, that everybody admits is absolutely not correct, well then, you really are immunized the way everyone accuses you of, of not having any accountability.


“Any of you if you were elected to this Board would be responding to the rightful public outrage from all the citizens. But instead of doing something about it, all I see is a bunch of board members nodding their heads saying ‘we can’t do anything’ as if you’re helpless in this process.  Well if you’re helpless, imagine how the taxpayers feel getting ripped off, knowing they’re getting ripped off, and everybody in the media is basically reporting the fact that they’re getting ripped off, and you’re doing absolutely nothing about it.”

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